Wednesday, March 31, 2010

OT: shar's graduation

March 31, 2010 marked Sharleen's graduation from high school. We have 13 years between us and I really felt so old seeing her graduate high school She was only a baby a few years ago and she is now a big lady... a very big tall lady! The ceremonies started just before 8 AM. There are 10 sections altogether composing of 430 something students! They began calling the students after the usual thingies ... speeches and what have you.

They called them by section starting from the last section. My sister's section is the 2nd to be called! I told my mom that I will just take a nap first and enjoy the cold air conditioning of the PICC! I still have my work shift later that night. The nap was too short but worth it. My mom woke me up when it's my sister's turn to stand up and walk up the stage!
I took some pictures and set the camera to record videos. I want to document the curtsy thing that the girl students to.. hahahaha... it is something that we need to remember and laugh at sooner or later!

After that.... the ceremony lasted for another hour... I was too restless already and itching to go out already! I walked it off by going to the wash room and kept on hearing parents complaining about the fee that they have to pay for parking if the ceremonies continued up to noon! hahahaha... Well the PICC do charge a hefty fee for parking and some of them arrived as early as 6 AM!
When the ceremony closed, my mom and dad headed off to the lobby so that daddy will not have a hard time walking pass the sea of people. I on the other hand had to look for Sharleen. It is really to spot the kid... with those nguso! hahahaha... She just ran off with the camera! hmmmm.. I waited.. waited.. waited... Gosh I realized that the high school kids now are really good looking specially the guys! I saw one tall kid... He is really cute I might say.... Too bad I don't have my camera with me!

Hmmm.... To be young again!
Christian is with us on this day but he had to meet my cousin outside and sleep at the car since he had his work shift the night before the event. We headed off to Mall of Asia to eat lunch and it was our treat for Sharleen for doing well at school..... hehehehe!
The program... stated that the event will start at 7 AM but as usual .... late!

My sister's section... St. Dominica... the 2nd section...

Holding her high school diploma!

With mommy and daddy at the lobby of the Plenary Hall of PICC

smiling... after returning her toga!

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