Sunday, February 28, 2010

it's official... our reception will be at Pearl Garden Hotel

Yes folks, you have read the title right... with less than two months before the wedding, we are changing our reception venue from the hall at the Pope Pius Center to the Pearl Garden Hotel along Adriatico Street in Malate, Manila. Questions fly arou why we are changing our reception venue with a short time before the wedding... well.. the answer is just simple... our venue now is cheaper and the rooms there are really affordable. Plain and simple.

With the follow up question on what will happen to our downpayment with Hizon's... we will be transferring it to use for my sister's debut next year. She is the youngest and not one of us had that big hoopla frufru debut party... and we cannot wait to plan for it after my wedding!

There ... it is all coming together... our next project is to finish our requirement this week.

a day in the land they can Divisoria --- true Divilandia for DIY weddings

Yesterday me and my mom endured the early summer heat on the streets of Divisoria - a place in Manila where you can get almost everything that you can think of at a fraction of the cost at the malls. I really want to go to get some DIY supplies for the projects I need to finish.

I also went there to talk to the shop owner of the bridal dress store we visited last October. We paid a reservation fee back then but Christian wanted me not to get the person as my gown supplier because of som insulting words that she said against me at the time that we were talking. So my aim was to have the amount as payment for them to make me a prep dress. When we got there, I reminded them of the talk that we had a few months ago. The lady had this really nasty look at her face and asked why we did not want her service anymore. I told her that we got another supplier that will be fixing me up during the wedding and someone who will not make any nasty remarks about me and my figure!!! She kept on saying that I found someone at the Tutuban mall and that I got someone who will just provide rental gowns. I told her that I found my supplier on the internet and that her shop is in Katipunan. Enough with the argument and on with the business. I told her my plan and she said that since I am fat, I need to add another one thousand pesos because they need more cloth! I was like... WTF! I told her that I don't want to shell out anymore money and with an additional thousand, my prep dress will be more than the gown of my mom! I can buy better blouses from Tubby with the amount.

So... I started thinking of another strategy. I just told her to give any item from the store that will compensate the amount of the reservation I paid her. She said that there will be no gown in the shop's display that will fit me! GRRRRR... I was fuming mad at this point. She just don't stop picking on my size! I shouted that her that it will not be for me... Stupid! I will just give it away to any of my cousins or nieces who are lined up to do the offertory during the mass. I just picked one to end the conversation. My mom was mad since she said that the gown I picked does not look like the amount I paid for but I told her I needed to end it to lessen my problems.

Anyone who plans to get their gowns or entourages' gowns at Divisoria... stay away from this bridal gown store at the Festival Shopping Center ... the name of the shop is Aurora's and they are located at the right side of the entrance, below the escalator. I don't want any other brides specially w@w brides to get a headache from dealing with this person!

Enough with the drama and in with the happy stuff. I am off to get myself some ribbons. I texted co-w@w bride Janice ni Jake to ask where I can get them. She texted back that I can get them at several stores along Tabora street. I was on the road to Divilandia when I read her message, the only store that stuck to my mind is Morning something. When we got to Tabora, I saw the sign that said Morning Star --- hmmm... No ribbons or embellishments at the store. I kept on looking... MOrning... Good Morning store at the other side... Damn!!! There are too many stores named with Morning.... hahahaha! I ended up going to Welmenson.... Bling bling central! Beads galore! I never entered a store like this before! I got my stuff and got out. I just can't keep myself from thinking of DIY projects inside.

I also got a pair of candle holder for the offeretory candles, paper bags for our souvenirs, a kilo f onion... really not related to our wedding... hehehehe.... the pretty pretty hair blings .... headband fascinators for my bridesmaid.... and that is it... I also had a chance to discover a dress boutique that is all goods for plus size women! Cool... I will be back there on May after all this hoopla.

bling bling necklace that i bought to pair up with my sister's ther dress

the studs that I will be using for my hair

the candle holder that we will prettify -- this one is for offertory

green and blue ribbons

headband fascinators that my mom got for my sister bridemaids

the treasure of materials for my DIY projects... including the gown i got

A very tiring day indeed... too many shops to go to... too little cash... hahahaha!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

honeymoon destinations?!?!?

Like any other couples planning for their wedding, there is always the continuous problem of budget constraints. We are still planning to take the Coron Adventure with our annual summer group of my UP Solair friends, all of whom are part of our principal sponsors and secondary sponsor, but that has to wait until May. I hope that the trip will push through since it is like a tradition already and 2010 will be our fourth summer to go out!

Well in that set aside until May, we talked about where to go after the wedding. People say that we need to have a honeymoon and I will be joking that there is no need for one since we have been living together for a long time. However, just to give in to traditions we decided to head off to somewhere near Manila.

The options are:

  • Batangas --- I love the beach but Christian is not really a big fan of beaches. He is not that fond of swimming in open waters. LOL! So one option that we have is the Acuatico Beach Resort in Laiya, Batangas.

Infinity pool... very nice view!
  • Subic --- I personally don't like the beach in Subic since the color of the sand is not white or near white but I found this villa online that looks great and I can definitely tell that it is good for relaxation. Second option, Segara Villas.

No beach but very nice pool... really good rooms based from the site.

  • Rizal - Not too far, not to pricey but the place looks luxurious. The Thunderbird Resort in Rizal. It is part of the same chain of hotels that has the lovely Santorini inspired placed in San Fernando, La Union. The good thing about the place, they have a nice and affordable honeymoon package but you have to show your wedding photo to them! LOL! I guess Christian will agree on this one since they have a casino within the premises of the hotel and the good thing also is that they have shuttle service to pick you up in some points -- like Sta. Lucia Mall and SM Taytay. That is really a plus for us since we both don't drive!

the pool is really really inviting!

  • Tagaytay - Of course there is the nice and quiant The Boutique in Tagaytay. The place is so relaxing and the rooms are appropriately name to tickle the mind. They don't have a pool. It is a good place if one wants just to spend their time with their love one.

The rooms at The Boutique are not bad also.

We will still be spending our wedding night at the hotel care of our friend Chris Ceci... She gave us an extra night at the hotel since she said that we need to have a honeymoon. I guess we will just be wasted on that night and snore the night away. We planned to drink along the Adriatico Street in Malate wearing our wedding attire. I dare him to do it and we will be drinking at the street type of drinking hang out since they will have Red Horse that Christian always look for!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

What did I do on my birthday? CAke and DIY... hehehe

21.02.2010 - The day that I turned 30 and the last birthday that I am single. Early in the morning, I got messages and phone calls from my mom, titas, sisters and friends. All asking what will I do for my day. What did I do then?

Watched Avatar.. not the movie but the cartoon series. We have been watching it for a couple of days now. LOL!!! By lunch time, me and Christian decided to eat lunch outside since it is my birthday anyway! We decided to eat at Mang Inisal... unlimited rice and very very good sinigang soup. Talk about my diet! Huhuhu... but then it is really good. Yummy yummy yummy. THinking of it now makes me hungry.

After having lunch, we bought two slices of cake from Red Ribbon. Hehehehe.... Good bye diet!

My two slices of birthday cake... sansrival and white forest cake....

sans rival... yum yum yum.... my favorite cake

white forest cake.. just for the sake of having a real cake...

Part of my day yesterday was getting some of my DIY projects done. I decided to finish the ballpens that we are going to place on the guests tables. I used that I have from the candles.
these are the pens when they are bare.... white and plain

the pens when they are wrapped already... all set in a box ready for the big day
I am still thinking of what embellishment to add on this one.... I am really ready to hit Divilandia next week to find some stuff to add on our pens and other DIY stuff.

---- trying to manage our bridal registry ----

After our measurements were finalized, me, Sharleen and my mom went to Trinoma. I was eyeing to check out some undergarments that I can wear under my gown and have it ready by the time I have my first fitting. Too bad I only found Maidenform at Landmark and none in Marks and Spencer. Now, I know that I really have to go to Makati to check out Rustan's and the shop in Glorietta 5 that I have read about.

Defeated by the undergarment search, I told my mom that we should check out our bridal registry. I am just clueless on what to do but then the lady at the bridal registry is helpful enough to show me what I need to take note. We went around and mostly of the things I registered for are the stuff that we still don't have at home. It was just fun.

Note to self... It is really good to have different price ranges for your guests to afford. We got some appliances listed and small gadgets that I can use in the kitchen. My sister insisted of including glasses and plates since we don't have much at home. LOL!

We will still have to work out the registry that we have in Rustan's. hehehee...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Measurements.. this is it... serious dieting from now on...

Today I went to Sheah's Designs office at Katipunan... The office is still at its construction phase but it is promising.... I tell you. My mom, Sharleen (bridesmaid), Rae Ann (my maid of honor) and Bethany (secondary sponsor) went with me. We are all scheduled to have our measurements taken. The dreaded measurements..... It was also the time that me and Sheah finalized the design of my dress..

As we talked about my gown, one of her assistants took the measurements of my entourage and my mom. I forgot to take pictures of them because we were serious about the discussions my dress!!!! Hehehe... As well as the materials and color of the dresses of the entourage. My mom also had a hard time selecting what color and material to use on her gown. She is one picky person I tell you. She wanted to wear something beige but I have to say no..... The color will be near the cream color of my dress... I told her that she is not the bride... I am.... hehehehe... Good thing Sheryl has a good somewhat darkish brown lace! Phew!

Sheah working on the total amount of the package that she is going to give me since I have to add my other sister into the list ... Sigh!!!!! Changing minds...

Rae Ann, my maid of honor, smiling radiantly after her measurement. I bet she is happy with the measurement that came out... Lucky for her!

Sharleen taking a photo of my mom... Hmmm... i am wondering what she is thinking? Hopefully not beige!

Hmmm... not listening to the measurement.. i think that is the end of the tape measure... hahahaha

Oh no... oh no.. oh no.... not that part....

How low the cleavage will be? The lower the better! Hahahaha.... Christian will like that!

Nice picture Shar!

I will not be showing the designs of the gowns since I want it to be a surprise but our entourage will have a different dress per lady... SOmething that will suit their body type! Sheah also wants my gown not to be seen by Christian. HEhehehe! We are scheduled for our first fitting on March 6! The shop of Sheah Designs will be fully operational and Sheah said that it will be nice already... hehehehe! I am extremely excited and nervous about that... this is really is it... Diet starts now... goodbye coca cola... goodbye ice cream at mini stop... good bye ice blended coffee at coffee bean... good bye cookie.... See you after April 15! Hello yogurt.. Hello cereal... Hello tasteless chicken breast! Blah! Blah Blah!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our engagement shoot with Atty. Raymond Fortun.

It was Friday, 12.02.2010, venue: UP Fair Grounds at the Sunken Garden. I have always planned that our engagement shoot should be in UP since it has a special space in my heart. UP will always be my home away from home. Even though Christian is adamant about it because he said that he is not from UP, I still got my way. To boost it all, our shoot falls on the week of the annual UP Fair. There is nothing to say more about the UP Fair but the most significant and most memorable moment that I have duing my university days! Organizing it is not easy!

Before the shoot I had it all fix. Called, text and even left private message to in Facebook people who I know who will still have connections to get into the grounds. I don't want to put my good resources to waste. So special thanks to Justin, my co-Alyansa in the USC, Kuya Gary for contacting his brods in Tau Rho Xi and Sir Erick, the faculty adviser of Tau Rho Xi. Connections really pays of. LOL!

Atty. Raymond Fortun shot these photos. I am really awed by these. I love it. While writing this blog, Christian is still asleep so he hasn't seen it yet but I am sure he will really like it too for the reason that his teeth did not show in any of the photos. Hehehehe... Love you luvs. Atty. Fortun is a genious. He is fun to work with and really cool.

Look at the concave effect.. beautiful!

Block and white photos are classic!

Cosmo and Wanda of the Fairly Odd Parents... we love this cartoon... what is written on the shirt is... Kelan ba magiging lastname mo ang last name ko? In English... When will be your last name be my last name? I know it is cheesy... My shirt just said the date of the wedding!

No tummy here.. hehehehehe

One of my favorite shots!

The Coffee Bean shop at UP Technohub... Sorry w@wies .. cute manager went home early.

Side view profile is the best... no bulging curves.. hehehehe

Our ferris wheel moment.....

I like the infrared shots!

NIce right!?!?

Shadows... I hope I am just a shadow... I dont't look fat at all

There are more pictures to come after we receive the CD of the photos.... Thanks Atty. Fortun for being patient with us. We are really not a picture loving couple.... THis is the most picture that we have.
*** Just a little story... when i paid for the reservation of the services... the bank teller saw the name of Atty. Fortun and asked me... "mabait ba sya? mukhang strict kasi sya sa TV eh" hehehehe

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine Dinner date.. after almost 6 years!

Christian really does not like formal settings.. He said he itches everytime he has to be formal! Last night after the ocular, we originally planned to eat dinner at the hotel's restaurant to sample the quality of the food. Good thing Arleen offered us tickets for their hotel's valentine's day dinner special. The damage is 600 per head... Christian instantly said yes when I asked him about it the other day... I was really shocked.... LOL!

The restaurant is really nice and we ordered some drinks before dinner... The frozen margarita is really strong and Christian had his usual beer! Sorry no "red horse" in the house! The dinner started with appetizers - oyster cocktails and small pancakes with sour cream... I love oysters... Christian doesn't so he tried one but gave me the other shot! Yummo!


waiting for dinner... hungry!

half of the oyster cocktails... when i heard the waiter said oyster... i immediately tried it! forgot to take the picture first.. hehehehe

Next course... soup.. creamy spinach... yummy also... Then the salad... I like the dressing. We were taking our time eating the food since the band hasn't started playing yet. The main course came in, we both chose to have the beef since I was not very in the mood for fish last night! I joked Christian if he needs to order rice... LOL! But no need for it the main course was fabulous! tasty.... the sauce was really good.

The salad.. yummy dressing.. i wanted to have a second round!

Main course.. beef tenderloin... Sarap!

Of course the dessert... SIGH!!! heaven.. chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream... Yum yum yum... i almost have to lick the plate to leave no trace of chocolate! All in all the dinner was great. If the food will be this great during the wedding reception I am all for it! Christian enjoyed it as well!

me and my dessert...

Christian taking out the yosi!

Ocular of Pearl Garden HOtel...

Valentine's day... me and Christian never had a date date during Valentines in our close-to-6 years together but yesterday we went to Adriatico, Malate to check out the Pearl Garden Hotel that we were talking about last week. Eventhough we booked Hizon's already we are looking for an alternative venue that will be cost efficient. We found this one. We originally wanted somewhere in Malate since we want to go drinking after the reception. I dared myself to go a bar in my wedding gown!

I have exchanging emails and text messages even phone calls with Arleen, one of their sales people. She is really prompt and not to mention patient in answering all my inquiries. So when we got to the hotel, I immediately went to the front desk and look for her. Christian joked that we should have stayed at the coffee shop at the lobby instead of going to the Starbucks at CCP! We were asked to go to the Sales Office on the 3rd floor. While waiting we browsed through the pictures of the set up and it is not bad. Decent and somewhat formal. Christian was nodding his head while looking at it and kept of saying ok... (pwede!).... Arleen then accompanied us to see the hall on the 10th floor... and it was alright... it was clean, looks like new.. and spacious for our less than 100 guests! Plus the photo booth will fit in as well. Nice!

I then asked the series of questions like the presidential tables, the rooms that they have... one more point that they gained from us is that they have an executive suite.. sadly we cannot see it since they are fully booked since it is Valentine's day! LOL! They can provide a package for the suppliers' meal if it will be for 30 heads... I can also take away some amenities and be deducted on our total package price. Parking stubs will be provided for the guests so they won't have to pay for the parking space. It is going to be a good one. The package that they have is really inexpensive! It is a good deal.

Some of the decorations that they have set up.

Zen feeling to the venue!

The couple's area.. we saw something better from the photo album at their sales office.

Table set up... we need to do something about that table cloth... and the napkins as well.

Really spacious... 12 persons per table.

Hallway leading to the elevator

Me talking to Arlene... Christian just got trigger happy with the camera!

Christian said that the venue is good for him. I told him that we should make the downpayment already and he said that we can do it this week! Sweet! About the taste of their food... no food tasting until 50% of the package is paid for but we tried their restaurant on the 2nd floor... the story on it on my next blog.

pre valentines... pre bday.... karaoke night with UP solair friends

After a tiring day at the bridal fair, I went straight to Trinoma to meet Christian. We will be having dinner with our friends. We changed the venue from Mall of Asia to Timog. We were supposed to be going to Ratsky or Zirkoh but we ended up at Centerstage. It was fun cause the last time that we have been together is during our pre-Christmas buffet at Marriott. We just chatted and sang some songs... ate some food... The service at Centerstage really sucks!!! It is soooo slow! My friends say that we should permanently block Centerstage from our list of places to hang out!

ONe other thing to note... Butch... our friend and one of our principal sponsors offered Christian to have his stag party that night but he begged off since he was still too tired. Poor baby!

Matt belting out tune!

Posing for the camera!

Gerie with Red and their 3 children. She is one of our ninangs!

Chillax! Happy with the booked suppliers from the bridal fair!