Saturday, February 20, 2010

Measurements.. this is it... serious dieting from now on...

Today I went to Sheah's Designs office at Katipunan... The office is still at its construction phase but it is promising.... I tell you. My mom, Sharleen (bridesmaid), Rae Ann (my maid of honor) and Bethany (secondary sponsor) went with me. We are all scheduled to have our measurements taken. The dreaded measurements..... It was also the time that me and Sheah finalized the design of my dress..

As we talked about my gown, one of her assistants took the measurements of my entourage and my mom. I forgot to take pictures of them because we were serious about the discussions my dress!!!! Hehehe... As well as the materials and color of the dresses of the entourage. My mom also had a hard time selecting what color and material to use on her gown. She is one picky person I tell you. She wanted to wear something beige but I have to say no..... The color will be near the cream color of my dress... I told her that she is not the bride... I am.... hehehehe... Good thing Sheryl has a good somewhat darkish brown lace! Phew!

Sheah working on the total amount of the package that she is going to give me since I have to add my other sister into the list ... Sigh!!!!! Changing minds...

Rae Ann, my maid of honor, smiling radiantly after her measurement. I bet she is happy with the measurement that came out... Lucky for her!

Sharleen taking a photo of my mom... Hmmm... i am wondering what she is thinking? Hopefully not beige!

Hmmm... not listening to the measurement.. i think that is the end of the tape measure... hahahaha

Oh no... oh no.. oh no.... not that part....

How low the cleavage will be? The lower the better! Hahahaha.... Christian will like that!

Nice picture Shar!

I will not be showing the designs of the gowns since I want it to be a surprise but our entourage will have a different dress per lady... SOmething that will suit their body type! Sheah also wants my gown not to be seen by Christian. HEhehehe! We are scheduled for our first fitting on March 6! The shop of Sheah Designs will be fully operational and Sheah said that it will be nice already... hehehehe! I am extremely excited and nervous about that... this is really is it... Diet starts now... goodbye coca cola... goodbye ice cream at mini stop... good bye ice blended coffee at coffee bean... good bye cookie.... See you after April 15! Hello yogurt.. Hello cereal... Hello tasteless chicken breast! Blah! Blah Blah!

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