Sunday, February 28, 2010

a day in the land they can Divisoria --- true Divilandia for DIY weddings

Yesterday me and my mom endured the early summer heat on the streets of Divisoria - a place in Manila where you can get almost everything that you can think of at a fraction of the cost at the malls. I really want to go to get some DIY supplies for the projects I need to finish.

I also went there to talk to the shop owner of the bridal dress store we visited last October. We paid a reservation fee back then but Christian wanted me not to get the person as my gown supplier because of som insulting words that she said against me at the time that we were talking. So my aim was to have the amount as payment for them to make me a prep dress. When we got there, I reminded them of the talk that we had a few months ago. The lady had this really nasty look at her face and asked why we did not want her service anymore. I told her that we got another supplier that will be fixing me up during the wedding and someone who will not make any nasty remarks about me and my figure!!! She kept on saying that I found someone at the Tutuban mall and that I got someone who will just provide rental gowns. I told her that I found my supplier on the internet and that her shop is in Katipunan. Enough with the argument and on with the business. I told her my plan and she said that since I am fat, I need to add another one thousand pesos because they need more cloth! I was like... WTF! I told her that I don't want to shell out anymore money and with an additional thousand, my prep dress will be more than the gown of my mom! I can buy better blouses from Tubby with the amount.

So... I started thinking of another strategy. I just told her to give any item from the store that will compensate the amount of the reservation I paid her. She said that there will be no gown in the shop's display that will fit me! GRRRRR... I was fuming mad at this point. She just don't stop picking on my size! I shouted that her that it will not be for me... Stupid! I will just give it away to any of my cousins or nieces who are lined up to do the offertory during the mass. I just picked one to end the conversation. My mom was mad since she said that the gown I picked does not look like the amount I paid for but I told her I needed to end it to lessen my problems.

Anyone who plans to get their gowns or entourages' gowns at Divisoria... stay away from this bridal gown store at the Festival Shopping Center ... the name of the shop is Aurora's and they are located at the right side of the entrance, below the escalator. I don't want any other brides specially w@w brides to get a headache from dealing with this person!

Enough with the drama and in with the happy stuff. I am off to get myself some ribbons. I texted co-w@w bride Janice ni Jake to ask where I can get them. She texted back that I can get them at several stores along Tabora street. I was on the road to Divilandia when I read her message, the only store that stuck to my mind is Morning something. When we got to Tabora, I saw the sign that said Morning Star --- hmmm... No ribbons or embellishments at the store. I kept on looking... MOrning... Good Morning store at the other side... Damn!!! There are too many stores named with Morning.... hahahaha! I ended up going to Welmenson.... Bling bling central! Beads galore! I never entered a store like this before! I got my stuff and got out. I just can't keep myself from thinking of DIY projects inside.

I also got a pair of candle holder for the offeretory candles, paper bags for our souvenirs, a kilo f onion... really not related to our wedding... hehehehe.... the pretty pretty hair blings .... headband fascinators for my bridesmaid.... and that is it... I also had a chance to discover a dress boutique that is all goods for plus size women! Cool... I will be back there on May after all this hoopla.

bling bling necklace that i bought to pair up with my sister's ther dress

the studs that I will be using for my hair

the candle holder that we will prettify -- this one is for offertory

green and blue ribbons

headband fascinators that my mom got for my sister bridemaids

the treasure of materials for my DIY projects... including the gown i got

A very tiring day indeed... too many shops to go to... too little cash... hahahaha!

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