Sunday, February 21, 2010

What did I do on my birthday? CAke and DIY... hehehe

21.02.2010 - The day that I turned 30 and the last birthday that I am single. Early in the morning, I got messages and phone calls from my mom, titas, sisters and friends. All asking what will I do for my day. What did I do then?

Watched Avatar.. not the movie but the cartoon series. We have been watching it for a couple of days now. LOL!!! By lunch time, me and Christian decided to eat lunch outside since it is my birthday anyway! We decided to eat at Mang Inisal... unlimited rice and very very good sinigang soup. Talk about my diet! Huhuhu... but then it is really good. Yummy yummy yummy. THinking of it now makes me hungry.

After having lunch, we bought two slices of cake from Red Ribbon. Hehehehe.... Good bye diet!

My two slices of birthday cake... sansrival and white forest cake....

sans rival... yum yum yum.... my favorite cake

white forest cake.. just for the sake of having a real cake...

Part of my day yesterday was getting some of my DIY projects done. I decided to finish the ballpens that we are going to place on the guests tables. I used that I have from the candles.
these are the pens when they are bare.... white and plain

the pens when they are wrapped already... all set in a box ready for the big day
I am still thinking of what embellishment to add on this one.... I am really ready to hit Divilandia next week to find some stuff to add on our pens and other DIY stuff.

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