Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine Dinner date.. after almost 6 years!

Christian really does not like formal settings.. He said he itches everytime he has to be formal! Last night after the ocular, we originally planned to eat dinner at the hotel's restaurant to sample the quality of the food. Good thing Arleen offered us tickets for their hotel's valentine's day dinner special. The damage is 600 per head... Christian instantly said yes when I asked him about it the other day... I was really shocked.... LOL!

The restaurant is really nice and we ordered some drinks before dinner... The frozen margarita is really strong and Christian had his usual beer! Sorry no "red horse" in the house! The dinner started with appetizers - oyster cocktails and small pancakes with sour cream... I love oysters... Christian doesn't so he tried one but gave me the other shot! Yummo!


waiting for dinner... hungry!

half of the oyster cocktails... when i heard the waiter said oyster... i immediately tried it! forgot to take the picture first.. hehehehe

Next course... soup.. creamy spinach... yummy also... Then the salad... I like the dressing. We were taking our time eating the food since the band hasn't started playing yet. The main course came in, we both chose to have the beef since I was not very in the mood for fish last night! I joked Christian if he needs to order rice... LOL! But no need for it the main course was fabulous! tasty.... the sauce was really good.

The salad.. yummy dressing.. i wanted to have a second round!

Main course.. beef tenderloin... Sarap!

Of course the dessert... SIGH!!! heaven.. chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream... Yum yum yum... i almost have to lick the plate to leave no trace of chocolate! All in all the dinner was great. If the food will be this great during the wedding reception I am all for it! Christian enjoyed it as well!

me and my dessert...

Christian taking out the yosi!

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