Thursday, December 17, 2009

Answered prayer.. this is it!

I have posted on our blog that I won a tiffany ring from Vgem during the W@w Christmas party. I can say that it is an answered prayer since I have been bugging Christian to give me a ring... an engagement type of ring.. Hahahaha... nagging well not nagging but hinting on him to give me one for a long time about it and at the same time praying to God to whisper to Christian that it will really matter for me to have one.

Well God answered my prayer... I picked up the ring at Vgem's shop at Robinson's Galleria and it is beautiful... it is just small for my ring finger. I will go back this Sunday with Christian to have it resize. The gift certificate said that it includes after-sale services like resizing and cleaning for free. I just hope that it will be free. If not, we are willing to pay for it since we got it for no price to pay at all. hehehehe!!!

Nice right!?! Simple yet elegant...

Monday, December 14, 2009

Dinner with friends & the CAR

Last Saturday, me and my UP Solair friends had our pre-Christmas dinner at the Marriott Hotel. Sofitel's Spiral was fully booked beyond the meaning of fully booked... Imagine 100 persons on the waiting list!!! So we ended up at the buffet at the new Marriott Hotel! Swanky swanky it is... That is why our group is called elitist! Hahahaha!! Too bad Christian was not able to join us that night.

After devouring all the food that we can manage, we went to the bar and drank. I just had one cocktail cause it is really expensive! hahahaha! Frozen Strawberry margarita.. yummmy! We just sit at the balcony of the hotel and talked as the night went on!

Butch, one of our ninongs, offered us a ride to the nearest taxi terminal. We were on our way to his new car that he offered to be my bridal car and then I just stopped as he open the driver's door! Man oh man.. It is beautiful white very white .... Ford Expedition parked in front of me! I was like clapping and my jaw just dropped... It is really stunning! I told Matt that this is my bridal car and he said that it will be a first for him to see a SUV as a bridal car! I am so lucky... another freebie... less expense! God must really want us to wed in His church!

I don't have any camera with me so I just browse online to grab a photo!

Sweet right?!?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tradition anyone???

As part of any wedding traditions, there are the SOMETHINGS... --- the old --- the new --- the blue --- borrowed Let's start with the old. As I posted before, we will be using my parents' arrae. It is made up of 13 1970's 50 centavo coins. Those were the times that they made the coins very heavy and thick, making our arrae really heavy. My mom have them plated again to get the shiny shimmering look and she even have our names engraved. I really wanted to have the unity coins but since this one is for free... I went with the free one.

Something new... this is a no brainer... new shoes, new dress, new contact lenses for sure, new hubby and new life as Mrs. Quiambao..hahahahaha... lahat naman new eh... so no problems on this one....

Now for the something blue.... I guess my wedding shoes will pass as something blue??!?!? Hehehehe.. It is blue green... But i want to have something really blue.. baby blue.. royal blue... bondi blue... aqua blue... hmmmm ... too many shades of blue to choose from. I am now in the look out for flat shoes and hoping that it will either be blue or green. Think! Think! Think! Or I can have my underwear as blue! LOL!!!!

Borrowed... hmmm.. what shall I borrow? who i can borrow it from??? just keep thinking thinking... I guess i have to borrow my mom's jewelry... an earring perhaps since i don't own any...