Wednesday, November 10, 2010

W@w primer... handy dandy for wedding preps

Being a w@w (weddings at work) addict for my wedding preparation days, I relayed on some reading materials to make my wedding preps more efficient and inspired. Aside from the wedding magazines, I have my handy dandy w@w primer. It is one of the most helpful things that I had. There are tips and some wedding kwentos.

The w@w primer is the brainchild of the founders of w@w... Ms. Benz and Sir John Rana. A husband and wife tandem, whom during their own wedding preps moments felt that there is a lack of resources to pool Philippine wedding suppliers so they came up with the site ( and of course gave birth (nanganak talaga noh! hahaha!!!) to the egroups that I grew to love!

This primer is printed every year and most of the articles are written by weddings suppliers so you know that you are getting the hottest tips from the people from the industry themselves. In this primer, Ms. Veluz Reyes shared her thoughts on getting the meant-to-be wedding gown. Ms. Madge Lejano provided her insights on having the right bridal make up! Hayyyy.. I love reading it.

These are the reasons why I gifted some of my friends who are getting married with the w@w primer.... hahahaha! However the best thing about this year's w@w primer.. our names are in it!!! Hahahaha... check out page 66. Soooo... I will definitely try by best to give my other friends who are planning their wedding.

my copy of the 2010 w@w primer! lav it!

yebah... page 66.. i always have a dream of being published.. hahahaha

Saturday, July 24, 2010

we hit the 100 days mark

Today is our 100 days as a married couple ... Just want to blog about it for memories ... It is a busy day at work earlier but all is worth it since there will be a party tonight! Nothing fancy to celebrate it... no dinner date or something special... Just me and Christian celebrating our tita's birthday with the rest of our family.

What happened in the last 100 days? Friends asked me often how's married life? Well... hmmmm... I always answered it's simply the same life that we had before we get married the only difference we have the papers to prove that we are married! But honestly, Christian is sweeter now... LOL! Somethings different.. I am more bound to make him coffee when he wakes up and set up the table for dinner. I can boss him around too without him complaining! hahahaha...
All together we are happy that we made the giant leap.... We feel the blessings pouring in. Now that the wedding planning and stuff has stopped... The next project that we have... a baby... hahahaha

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Calling September - November Brides...

If you are a September, October & November bride and until now you don't have any idea where to get your gown.. Maybe you want to check out... Sheah Designs Bridals and Dresses. Sheryl Vicente is the designer in charge of the shop. She is currently giving brides a chance to have their dream dresses at 15,000 pesos only. You read it right... 15,000 only. It comes with the bridal accessories --- 2 pillows, cord and secondary veil. She will personally assist you in dressing up. If you want to have a body form for better pictures with your bridal gown, you just have to add 500 pesos....

This deal is not bad... If you will read my previous blogs, I almost got a gown from Divisoria since our budget is really limited but I discovered She and it was just priceless. You can read my raves and rating for the service that she did with my gown and my ento's gowns. I will not refer her to my friends and co-brides if I am not sure of the quality and service that you will get....

Grab the promo now!

Address: 202 Torres Bldg., Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City
Telephone no.: 0917.862.8867/0923.940.6867
Email address:

Parental ... Advice... Consent... Guidance.. hehehe!

There is this one thing that makes future brides and grooms miserable in their application for the paper works toward the journey of being wife and husband. It is not the marriage license or the dreaded reproductive health seminar at the local health clinic.... It is the so-called parental advice or parental consent.

Well it is not a big thing... since there are certain age limits for this additional requirements. Based from the Family Code of the Philippines:

Art. 14. In case either or both of the contracting parties, not having been emancipated by a previous marriage, are between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one, they shall, in addition to the requirements of the preceding articles, exhibit to the local civil registrar, the consent to their marriage of their father, mother, surviving parent or guardian, or persons having legal charge of them, in the order mentioned. Such consent shall be manifested in writing by the interested party, who personally appears before the proper local civil registrar, or in the form of an affidavit made in the presence of two witnesses and attested before any official authorized by law to administer oaths. The personal manifestation shall be recorded in both applications for marriage license, and the affidavit, if one is executed instead, shall be attached to said applications. (61a)

Art. 15. Any contracting party between the age of twenty-one and twenty-five shall be obliged to ask their parents or guardian for advice upon the intended marriage. If they do not obtain such advice, or if it be unfavorable, the marriage license shall not be issued till after three months following the completion of the publication of the application therefor. A sworn statement by the contracting parties to the effect that such advice has been sought, together with the written advice given, if any, shall be attached to the application for marriage license. Should the parents or guardian refuse to give any advice, this fact shall be stated in the sworn statement. (62a)

What does the articles mean??? B.S. hehehehe... with all those wordings.. it just means that an affidavit of parent consent is needed for couples aged 18 to 21 ... I don't really know the logic about this one.. but I guess since the law changed the legal age of 21 to 18, there must be this notion that anyone getting married before 21 are still incapable of contracting marriage due to innocence.... Hmmm..... but I guess that is really stupid... Why have the legal marrying age at 18 years old if you still need your parental consent... why not have it by age 21 ... less the stress to marrying couples!

For the parental advice.. the article said that it is not really really a requirement... If no advice is given, the couple will wait for 120 days or 3 months for the issuance of their marriage license.. not the usual 10 days that the local registry process it. Hmmm... This is another requirement that I don't understand but I guess our lawmakers really have something in mind when they wrote this down. Our Filipino community is really big with family and I guess this particular parental advice seeks to prove that we are a family-centric society and that we look up to our parents or guardians for advice.

One or the other my dear future brides and grooms, if you fall under these stated age limits, you will have to follow it ... Absence of this document will make your marriage voidable... The good thing about it; no more annulment procedure... hahahaha... Seriously.... read the requirements very well... To help you... here are some links to get your the format of the form:

Parental consent... for marrying couple aged at least 21 but not younger than 18 (remember the legal marrying age is 18)... if one party is older... you still need it... read the article.. ANY of the consenting party... Click here to view form.

Parental advice... if you are at least 25 but above 21... Click me for your form.

It is good to understand and follow the rules... Do not go with shortcuts... It can fight back you know!

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Wedding Essentials Bridal Bash 2010

Last Sunday, 20 June 2010, Me and Christian together with my sister Sharleen went to the Eastwood Mall. We planned to watch the much talked about Toy Story 3. I am really excited to go to Eastwood since I knew about the Wedding Essentials Bridal Bash at the mall. I guess you really cannot kick out the wedding preps hangover to any bride.

The exhibit was composed of a good handful of gowns, cakes, photos and bouquets. The whole exhibit was fresh and nice... it was clean and very slick.... We loved the cake exhibit... Christian is a sucker for cake designs... He does not like cake but he enjoys looking at really cool cakes.. like the one done by Karla Magbanua of Claycakes.

The bridal bouquets were a new twist since most of it were not mainly made from flowers. There were some that were made from different materials... The one from 7 Lily was really cool since no flowers were used at all. This concept is really a saver .. no more budget allocation for flower preservation... LOL!!!

During the week, they had talks scheduled... I was supposed to listen to the one from Jason Magbanua but I was not able to wake up early.. huhuhuhu... But we were able to listen to the performance of Bernice Pasamba and a 12 piece orchestra... Really nice!

Overall... I missed wedding preparations ... We wish that we can renew our vows every year for free... hehehehe

Lovely lovely gown.. not sure if this is by Edward Teng or Pepsi Herrera

Nice nice nice... practical bridal bouquet...

Of course from Teddy Manuel is really cool....

One from Eve & Co..... The bride can fan herself with this one...

Another non-flower bouquet...

cake by Peachy Juban... sigh!!!!....

Christian loved this one... living the tradition of the wedding cake from the Greeks..

another cake from Joy San Gabriel...

Friday, June 11, 2010

for all h2bs ---- better watch this!

Another video shared by one of my friends in Facebook.... Like the previous video this is worth sharing again! Why? Watch it and you will know why!

Did you watch it already? Tell me that it is worth it! This video or more like an ad tells us that marriage is a give and take thing... not only marriage but all kinds of relationship. The only difference with marriage to other relationships... it is binding and should be everlasting. There must be the presence of compromise. There is forgiveness! There is a goal to move forward to any issues or conflicts that came up. We might have heard by now the advice of settling the fight that you might have encountered for the day before going to sleep! I guess it is true! I cannot really sleep well when me and Christian if we still have some issues unsettled!

H2bs... learn to understand your W2bs... W2bs... learn to lengthen your patience! Let's face it... Guys are late bloomers! I am right, right?!?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

This is what I call women empowerment

We always read from blogs, magazines, newspapers or any other readable, watched in chick flicks and telenovelas.. dreamed about it once in our lives... a man proposing to a woman that they want to spend the rest of their lives with.

When I saw this entry from a friend's facebook status... it is truly worth sharing on our wedding blog. The lady in this video is Emily Hawley... the valedictorian of her class since there was no contest to it... She got a perfect GPA! It will be like an average of 1 in our local grading system. During her valedictorian speech on their commencement exercise, she called up the stage her boyfriend... to profess her love and thanks for supporting her. After that... she just popped the question... out loud "Will you marry me?" No hesitations at all... no qualms... no fear... In front of their graduating class... she just said it!

Way to go you lady! Who said that we all have to wait for our man to propose? Friends and some family members (specially my sisters!) have always joked that I wrestled with Christian to get a proposal! Well I guess if you really know that he is the one for you and he IS the ONE you want to spend the rest of your life with ... why wait for the romantic proposal? Just ask the question!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

the question of why do churches charge so much...

I have read on the w@w site that church weddings are becoming costly. It is not only because of the reception aspect of church weddings that are becoming expensive but the church itself charges unbelievable rates for one to have God's blessings.

One example.. The Shrine of Jesus in Pasay.. that big orange church in front of Terminal 3.. charges 25k for a wedding ceremony! Christ the King in Greenmeadows, Santuario de San Jose and Saint Alphonsus Mary Liguori Parish (Magallanes Church)also have the same rate. We get that they are all air conditioned churches but why? why 25,000 pesos!? We know that they say that it is all in -- meaning there will flowers, carpet and pianist and soloist but for the love of God, why so much?

Honestly for us, we paid 15,000 pesos and an extra 500 for the charge... and they say that it is all in! Golly! We just have to plug in one light for the photographers... it will not even cost 100 pesos for less than an hour ceremony! I really don't feel that the church is standing by what they teach that marriage is sacred and they keep on preaching that it is not all about costs of it but the blessing that the couple receives.....

Aside from the fees, why do the churches have so many requirements? Yeah, it is understandable to have the baptismal and confirmation certificates and the seminar but why oh why do one have to struggle in case there will be a problem with their information on the certificates? Like in our case, my mom's last name was wrong on the certificate. Instead of Marcelo they placed Manalo. I was baptized at the same church where my parents got married. For Christian, his baptismal certificate showed Stephen as his second name! The church said that we have to fix it since his second name is not on his confirmation certificate! I thought this would be easy to fix but no.. I have to go to the Archdioses of Cubao to have it fix there and they have ask me to talk to Christian over the phone to confirm what they need us to do! Gosh! Talk about hassle! Take note .. there are additional fees in the process of doing this! Not to add the permit or marriage banns that one has to get from the local parish church where they reside! Ours cost us 600 pesos from one church! What if we live separately then.. I guess it will cost us another thousand pesos! Jeeezzz!

You thought that this is enough.. No... there's more! Why on earth do some churches have special rules? Like a non-parishioner is not allowed to get married at their church if they will not avail of the churches in-house reception venue or if they will not get a sponsorship from a parishioner. Isn't marriage a sacrament and sacraments should not be denied to any Catholic? Again.. why would the church be doing this?

This blog is not to discourage any future couple from marrying in front of God's altar but I would rather have this blog get the attention of our church leaders. Marriage should be open to all.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

simply estatic..

Yesterday my sister went down to get a package addressed to me.... When I went out of our room and she handed me the package... I was smiling from ear to ear.... I tore the package apart.... I already knew what it was since the sender was Phoeben Teocson .... wahahaha... it was the raw video footage of our wedding!

My sister was really excited as well. Super Idol nya si Bim! There were three dvd boxes in the package. All were nicely done! I love love the yellow color! The two boxes contained the dvd copy of our onsite video while the other one contains two dvds of the raw video coverage. We popped it in the dvd player and just watched... Me and my sister were laughing at some of our stolen shots... I even texted my sister who is working in Iloilo to tell her about it. Christian gave a lot of comments on how he looked like that day. It was pure happiness watching our video.. even though it is not edited yet... hehehehe


really really love the yellow and black details on the cover

feel... we were really feeling it!

it all seems like it was just yesterday!

Thanks thanks .. many many thanks! to Bim and to Gen... We will really need to find the funds now to get this beautiful footage edited.. hahahaha... lotto... lotto...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

New wedding website:

Still having the wedding preps hang-over. I have discovered this site online and it is filled with wedding ideas and list of suppliers that one bride-to-be or maybe a hands-on groom-to-be needs!

Check out:

I just love browsing around for new wedding ideas.... I will never know when our renewal of vows will be...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The question of the last name....

Have you evern wrote your name with the last name of your crush in high school? Did you ever practice signing your name using your boyfriend's or fiance's last name? Honestly, tell me. In this age of women power and feminist views, have you ever thought of retaining your last name once married?

After the reception party, my guy friends from San Beda hoovered over me. Being all lawyers, the question that they asked me if I am going to change my last name to adapt Christian's last name. I told them that this is one issue that we talked about and solved a few months before the wedding. I really wanted to retain my last name but Christian said that it will depict the purpose that we are getting married. He wants me to carry his last name. So I said I will have my last name hyphenated instead.

Legally, there is no law making it mandatory for women to change their last names once they got married. Refer to the article below:

Art. 370, Civil Code of the Philippines. A married woman may use:

(1) Her maiden first name and surname and add her husband's surname
Example: Liberty Palomo-Quiambao

(2) Her maiden first name and her husband's surname
Example: Liberty Quiambao

(3) Her husband's full name, but prefixing a word indicating that she is his wife, such as "Mrs."

Example: Mrs. Christian Quiambao

See the emphasis on the word "MAY." It means that any woman can use any of the three selections. As further explained in the jurisprudence of Hatima Yasin v. The Honorable Judge Shari'a District Court, Zamboanga City (G.R. No. 94986, February 23, 1995), the word "may" is used, indicating that the use of the husband's surname by the wife is permissive rather than obligatory. We have no law which provides that the wife shall change her name to that of the husband upon marriage. This is in consonance with the principle that surnames indicate descent. It seems, therefore, that a married woman may use only her maiden name and surname. She has an option, but not a duty, to use the surname of the husband in any of the ways provided by this Article."

One way or the other, it is customary to our Filipino traditions and culture that a married woman adapt her husband's last name. Some, if not all, do not know that there is no law requiring them to change their last names. It will be good to discuss these kinds of matters with your future husbands. This must be part of any bride's list of to do!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Do ocular for your wedding preps venue!

During the course of our wedding preparations, one thing really bothered me a lot... Where the hell in Metro Manila shall I do our wedding preparations? As the older traditional people would say "Saan ka bababa?" (translation: Where are you going down???) Hmmm... I wonder why they say it that way! It is really a challenge to get a hotel room that is both inexpensive and big! I have tried to look at some hotels online around the Manila area since Sta. Maria Goretti Parish is located in Manila.

The requirements are:
  • a spacious room big enough to contain all our suppliers
  • another room for Christian
  • a room for my family -- for the convenience of my dad who is a survivor of stroke.
  • nice windows
No grand staircase requirement for me... An elevator shot will do for me!

Sofitel???? Wow.. we don't have the budget for that... It will be nice if we could have the preps in Sofitel. Big rooms, Manila Bay sunset view... grand staircase. I will definitely fatten myself up with the breakfast buffet at Spirals... maybe for our renewal of vow on our 10th anniversary.

Manila Diamond??? Hmmmm... Possibly..... but will cost us a lot if we will be booking 3 rooms... Sigh!!!

Hyatt??? Another no no... Christian should not be around Black Jack tables ... poker tables.. slot machines... anything with the gambling mark! Hahahaha... Joke lang luvs!

GHotel...this has the potential. Based from the reviews of w@wies and referral from friends, it is one in our shortlisted hotels.

Then come the hotel behind our church.... it is not really a hotel but somewhat like a short stay place. The person at the reception told me that they usually cater to priests and other people who are in Manila for conventions and the like. My mom was really digging the place since it is the cheapest one that we have looked at.

However, I did not feel the it factor and I told her the room is simply small to fit all the suppliers! She was really clueless when I told her about that. She said that it will fit! Just look at the photos dear readers....

not really big... and the room is somewhat dark

i am also not keen on the bed... it has the minimal touch!

As the wedding date draws near, I am really anxious to find the right place. We looked at Pearl Garden Hotel as our wedding reception venue and when we checked out the rooms, we knew that this is it. Christian kept on saying.. Pwede.. pwede.. pwede... When I saw the executive suite.. I knew that this is it....

Just look how we snuggled.. hahahaha.. in the room...

i am really wondering why they cornered me...

just look at those suppliers!!!

camera showdown... i am guessing if Jo Anne or their rockstar assistant paolo...

hmmm..... suppliers galore! our dream team!

So to all brides out there.. you might have your respective requirements --- the floor to ceiling big windows, the sensual room furnishings that can be captured, the breathtaking staircase, the softest beds and linens... whatever it will be... BE SURE that it can fit all your suppliers.

Other things that we should consider:
  • Will they allow delivered food in the rooms? -- remember you have to feed your suppliers
  • Will they let you check in early or have a late check out without extra cost? -- some weddings are in the mid afternoon, most hotels have a check out time of 12 noon.
  • Wll they provide discounts if you book more rooms? --- let's face it ... it is not only the bridal suite that we might need to book... especially those who will follow the tradition that the bride and groom should not see each other on the night before the wedding. grooms need to be relax too the night before the wedding.
  • Check online rates -- they are usually cheaper! Always check the promotions link on the hotel's website!
  • Try to explore other hotels... There is something special in discovering new places!
One way or the other... you can still have it at your home... do it the traditional way! Nothing beats the old school way!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

things i forgot to note in our suppliers' rating

I just realized that I missed out some items that we used for our wedding or suppliers that we failed to recognize. This is a big boo boo for me.. I think I am just overwhelm with how things worked out for us.

We are now on our 3rd week as man and wife... and I am really happy that say that Christian is more sweeter... loving.. and caring than how he is before we got married! I am shocked actually on how he is behaving but I can say that I am loving it!

So here is the list:

Our wedding rings
Peso power: gift from my cousins --- Kuya Boy & Benjie

Wedding rings are the only thing that will remind a couple that they are married and have committed themselves to love their partner from here up to eternity. This item on any wedding checklist can have a price range from 100 pesos to 100 thousands or even millions. For our wedding, we cannot afford any expensive rings. We checked out almost if not all the jewelry shops in SM Megamall and SM North Edsa and even in Trinoma to get the best deal that we can get. We have trimmed down our choices to the stainless steel rings with diamonds in Hearts and Arrows and the rings we saw at Suarez which we can lay-away.

Then come my friend from the US, saying that I should check out the stores online since it will be cheaper and I can ship it to her place and she send it to me. So, with the wonders of the worldwide web. I know what Christian wants for a ring.. white gold and very very plain! I did find it and when I showed it to him, he liked it. One of my cousin joked her siblings to buy it for us and they did! Happy happy happy. We just had it engraved here for 120 pesos each ring!

simple and sweet.. we want it to be wearable everyday with our lifestyle... wow as if active!


Suit of Christian and my dad
Chancellor ---> SM Centerpoint
Pesos power: 2,1999 each with free pants... plus 45 pesos for length alterations

This must be one of the good finds that we have had among the many ones. Christian is not particular in getting himself a suit for the wedding. He originally planned to just rent one from Gardini's. When we learned about the Onesimus outlet store in Mandaluyong and the prices that they give, he agreed to check it out. But before we got to the outlet store, one ordinary day at the mall, by instinct, I checked out some of the suits that they have inside SM Centerpoint. My mom was with me at that time since we just picked up our invitations from Impress Prints in San Juan.

At the men's department, I saw some sale signs up. I got excited since it goes lower and lower and the one that really caught our attention is the one from Chancellor offering the free pants. My mom then decided to get one for my dad as well but we need to split the bill... hehehehe.. That same weekend we all went to SM Centerpoint to get the suits.

The suit is not bad. It looks great on Christian. My dad looked good also. People taught that we have it made or something since it fitted them well. It is really a good find.


Christian's neck tie
Pesos power: 399.00

This is most painstaking item that we need to find. Christian wants it to be green and he wants it on a particular shade of green! He said that he will have the "IT" factor if he sees the right one. We went to almost all the men's store in Trinoma, tried to search in SM and he ended up buying one at the Arrow corner in Landmark! Gosh!

Christian's Shoes
Hmmm.. forgot the brand!
Peso power: 900 pesos... on sale at Robinson's Place Manila

I already scouted for Christian's shoes before the wedding. He bought his shoes the night before the wedding.... Yes folks! The night before! I was in a panicking mode at this point since I still have to have my nails done! Talk about pressure and cramming! Oh well he got them!

Christian's polo
Hmmm.. no idea of the brand also
Peso power: 699.99... not on sale.. too bad!

He wanted to take the black route... so be it! He chose it... I left him with his best man to chose which polo he likes... He also bought this the night before the wedding! Very nice right? I still have to pick up the principal sponsors' tokens and meet up with my 2 entourage members at the mall. Sigh!!!

When I saw him with the polo on... I noted myself that he did well in choosing his polo!

My supposedly bridal shoes
Peso power: 1700 ---> it was on sale way way way back in November

I fell in love with these shoes when I saw it last November. I have worn it at home just to break it in!! LOL!!! I even took it during my fitting! On the day of the wedding.. my sister and my bridal assistant were helping me out put it on! Happiness.. UNTIL.. I stood up and took a few steps... ouch ouch ouch.. hmmm the left foot does not feet right... I tried to walk, thinking that pain is ok for beauty! Hmmm... no no no!!! I cannot imagine myself kneeling painfully with these shoes one! So i changed! Luckily my mom brought my sister's graduation shoes! We are the same size! Life saver! Or else I will have my coordinator go to Robinson's to buy me a new pair!

i can just exhale heavily... i really wanted to wear this pair of shoes!

i tried to wear the shoes at the office... damn it is really small for my fit!

Birdcage worn during photo shoot and reception
from Greenhills
Peso power: my mom and sisters got it for me.. I really don't have an idea how much is it!

Just want to take note of this one! I really really wanted to have a birdcage. I really liked the idea of wearing it during the church ceremony. I searched far and wide then one day when I got home my sister said that they got me one! I am just so happy and thankful! Nice nice nice!!!

the birdcage was perfect!

Xtian's best man suit
Peso power: 500 plus 200 for pants and 1000 refundable deposit

You will probably make fun of us when I tell you that we got Xtian's best man's suit the afternoon before the wedding. Christian is such a crammer right! All the cramming moments were all his assignments! So co-w@wies.. please take time to check on your h2bs... hehehehe! Wag kulitin.. Check lang! Well good thing, Gardini is really easy to transact with. We went to the one along España beside UST. Butay just have to find the size suitable for him. Problem though, the pants were too short if he gets one in his size. Solution.... he got a bigger one! Hahahaha... All together it was so easy! We returned the suit the Saturday after the wedding. Security deposit was given back with no questions! Perfect!

Michael.. or Butay (his lastname) .. Christian's best man.. suit looked nice

Paper materials... DIY materials

Ever-trusted National Bookstore
Peso power: 500 - 1000 pesos ---> got a 500 peso National Bookstore gift certificate during our Christmas party

Nothing can beat do-it-yourself projects.. Our wedding brought out the creative me. I am honestly not creative... I can think of the things I can do but not actually implement it... I don't know photoshop that well .. used MS Word and MS Powerpoint! Hehehehe.. In the end, it all went well.

I hope I did not forget anything else! It was fun doing the suppliers' ratings. It was fun to plan the wedding all together. The only thing I don't want to think about is money part. Eventhough our budget is very limited... when people give praises on how elegant looking and how fabulous the wedding is.. my heart skips! All the research and constant comparison paid off. Christian still has a hangover of our wedding. He cannot believed that we pulled off such a big project!

Now our next project.. hehehehe... SECRET!

Monday, May 3, 2010

the team that documented the start of our history

Chug Cadiogan
Address: Unit 1E4 Bright Condo, 60 Sct. Santiago cor. Sct. Rallos, Quezon City
Telephone nos.: 0917.514.1560
Email address:

Jayson & Jo Anne Arquiza
Address: Unit 4i, Tower 1, Dansalan Gardens, M. Vicente St., Brgy. Malamig, Mandaluyong City
Telephone nos: 0917-815.6111 (Jayson)/0917-815.6112 (Jo Anne)/531.1837
Email address:

Paul Vincent
Address: 83-D Aramismis St., Veterans Village, Proj 7, Quezon City
Telephone nos.: 410.5126/0928.500.6912
Email address:

Phoeben Teocson
Address: #9 Manga Road, Brgy. Mariana, New Manila, Quezon City
Telephone nos.: 0927.653.6187/0922.833.9942/0922.TEOCSON (+639228362766)
Email address: /

  • Wedding Coverage by Paul Vincent / Jason Arquiza / Phoeben Teocson / Chug Cadiogan; We will offer our services in form of Photo and Video coverage with onsite video only; all images will be given to the couple in DVD form.
Peso power: Priceless.. got the services from the w@w auction

It is known to most w@wies and the followers of our blog that we originally booked a different photo/video supplier to document our wedding. But due to the wonders of the annual w@w auction, we were able to grab hold of the photo-video package provided by the 2 of the best photographers and 2 of the best videographers in the Philippine wedding industry. Yes folks!!! 2 teams of photographers and 2 teams of videographers!!!!

There will be no contention on how I will be rating them. They are the best of the best. Before the wedding, I was able to meet three of them... Jayson Arquiza, Paul Vincent and Phoeben Teocson during the W@w Christmas party last November. They personally introduced themselves to us and we really find that very humbling. I was actually starstruck to be infront of the greats! Even in our wildest dream, we never realized that we will be having these great talents for our wedding.

During the preparations, it was just funny when I started to ask them of how many will be the members of their team. I needed the head count to prepare for the pack lunches as well as the food to prepare for the reception. Come and behold.. they will be bringing their respective teams! When I added them up it will be around 14-16 people! Yahoo.. Yahoo! Those are the photo-video alone and not counting the other suppliers... Good luck to us. Gen Teocson even joked during one of the bridal fairs that they might ended up as our only guests... LOL!

Come wedding day, Phoeben and Gen Teocson's team was the first to arrive of all our suppliers. I was on panic mode by that time since my OTD coordinator was not there yet, Val's team was not there also. Hmmm... I will I stall this people. They just went through my DIYs and the rings and other wedding stuff.. They just went to work smoothly. Bim really looks serious when he is behind the camera... I am actually scared to come close to him... hehehehe.. but Gen is really friendly and sweet. Their team made the onsite video shown during the reception and everybody loved it... we loved it.. we still watch it ... i just watched it this morning! Nothing can beat that... An onsite video is one item on our nice-to-have list. We cannot actually squeeze it in our budget but Bim & Gen gave it to us as part of the package and we are really really thankful for that!
Chug Cadiogan

Next to arrived is Jayson and Jo Anne Arquiza... Jayson is the life of the party. He kept on making us laugh and instructing me and my family what to do. Christian said that Jayson actually made him smile which is very rare for Christian to do during photo sessions. Jo Anne on the other hand is the silent type. She works quietly. I cannot wait to see the photos from them.

Then Chug Cadiogan came with his team. He said that they were late because of the traffic from Quezon City to Manila.. It took them one and a half hour to get to the hotel from Timog! He swears that the candidates for the elections are really a pain! Hahahaha... Bwisit nga ba Chug? With Chug's work, we still have to see the final video. I am really hoping that we are able to get it in time of the arrival of Christian's sister and uncle in June. I am keeping my fingers cross for that!

Then Paul Vincent arrived with Ayvih. Gosh, these two are just so humble. They just started shooting when they got in. Well.. after bantering with the rest of the group. I cannot believe that they worked together very well. I can still hear the shutters of Paul Vincent clicking in my ear as I write this rating! When I got the dvd of the pictures last Friday, I just cannot stop looking at it. Sigh!!! This is what they call wedding hang over... It is just worth it!

The pictures below are taken by the Ayvih I guess.. hehehehe... It simply documents the team at work. If I remember it right, Ms. Benz of w@w told me that these 4 talents really wanted to work together for wedding.. that is why they provided there services for the w@w auction and they have auctioned it for at least a year or two but no one ever got it until we came along. Lucky us.

I just cannot imagine how we were able to fit all our suppliers in the bridal suite! Too bad the hotel does not have a one-bedroom suite!

Jayson & Jo Ann Arquiza taking a rest...

Paul Vincent & Jayson ... two photographers at work.. Gosh.. I never guessed it right who to look at ..

Chug shooting inside the church grounds....

Bim playing around... I never realized that he was there! Hahahaha...

With the team of photo-video guys... nothing can be compared to this

as they say... there is always a woman behind the success of every man... me with the women behind the
talents ... Jo Anne Arquiza, Gen Teocson, Ayvih delos Reyes and Mai Cadiogan

(we asked Chug to bring along his wifey.. since the rest of the team will have their wifeys with them since they all work together.. lugi naman sya di ba?)

love it!

We feel really blessed to have our photo-video team. No matter what rating I give them.. there is no match to the gift that they have given!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

the projects that made it!

I never thought that I will ever do any DIY projects for our wedding. I can say that with a little bit of creativity and determination, I was able to pull off some of it. Here are some photos to showcase how they end up during our big day!

the centerpiece luminaries... with candles already provided by the hotel. It listed all the chat room rules we have for the reception

the luminaries serves as our table numbers as well... here it is together with the recycled jars that I have decorated and ballpens for the wish cards

the misalette... I used parchment paper for the covering... I simply printed it out to cover our misalette...

the sign pens... we used this for our guests to fill out the wish cards

our 2ndary candles.. the first DIY project that I made.

There is one project that this not made it to our wedding day and that will be the escort cards. I really have a down moment during the wedding preparations and it happened 3 to 4 days before the wedding. I really don't want to think of the wedding anymore. I just stopped thinking about it and doing the projects. Time just stood still for me! However, I was able to start a new but it was too late to catch up with the projects.

Lesson learned: Do the projects earlier...

the team who coordinated...

Teodoro Events Solutions
Telephone no.: 385.7757/0918.921.5397
Email address:

Peso power: Php 16,000 less 50% for GC and Php 500 discount
Php 2,000 for emcee

I originally got another OTD Coodinator for our wedding but due to some feed backs and bad vibes... I decided then to look for an alternative... Luckily I got a certificate for a 50% off for the on-the-day coordination services of Teodoro Events Solutions. I met up with Teddy at UP Technohub before going to work and he is extremely organized.... I like!

During the preparations, I had 2 meetings with him... One is with Chi, the emcee that he recommended and the other is to look at the venue for them to help us out with the layout for the reception. For both meetings, it really went well. He asked for copies of our suppliers' contract so that he will have reference. He prepared a schedule of the activities for the day of the wedding.

On the day of the wedding... I would say that they did very well! They were able to think of something when they raised the problem about the door at Pope Pius. Since I forgot all about that and they really wanted for me to have my grand entrance at the church. The team covered the doors! Also, I asked them to check out the executive suite that I have used for the preps and to transfer all the stuff in the room to my family's room. They did that without any flaws. I handed over all the centerpieces that needs to be placed on the guests' tables, instructed what to do with the luminaries... when we arrived at the venue.. my DIY projects are all arranged perfectly... LOL! Love it! Teddy provided me with a personal assistant, Ate Leonie and she is really patient! My train is so long and she has to carry it everywhere I go!

By the end of the day, Teddy and his team did a great job. His sister was able to upload our onsite video online so we can share it to other family members and friends who were not able to make it to the wedding. They will also be providing a NSO copy of our marriage certificate since one of the team members works for NSO. They even provided 2 bears as token for the pair who will be at the garter game!

I also just learned now that they provided candies and treats for our guests at the church and at the reception venue so they will not go hungry! LOL!!! Too bad most of our guests were really hungry when we got to the hotel!

Teddy at work before the offertory part of the mass

the free bears provided by Teodoro Events ... they were given to the couple who were part of the garter churva...

Chi, the emcee recommended by Teddy... Our guests said that she is very pretty and she did well.

At the photobooth with the team of Teddy!

Rating: 5/5

Friday, April 30, 2010

Some of my favorite shots from Paul Vincent

This is it guys!

I got our wedding pictures taken by Paul Vincent today. I just cannot contain myself not to look at it. I even brought our rusty old laptop with me just to view it. I looked at one of the CD before I packed up at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Trinoma.... I just cannot resist it! Well, my itchiness did not disappoint me! I simply love all the pictures in the CD... and we have 4 more to look at when I get home tomorrow! I am soooo happy... happy .... happy! It is really worth to move our wedding date just to get these suppliers! They are the best! These photos are not arranged properly.. since I am too excited to post it!

Enjoy viewing Paul Vincent's work!

Crayola moment again! My IBM Friends will just love this one! I took out most of my crying moments pictures from Paul.. just to save my face from the teasing! hehehehe.. Yes mga badet.. I did not post those!

This is one of my very favorites... Our photo looks like a commercial ad for Ponds! (Kimpaw said that!)

I just cannot remember what part of the ceremony is this one! Christian was really shaking the whole ceremony!

Trying to figure out what to do with the rings... I learned that they were arguing if they are going to place it on the pillow or not... Since Michael, Xtian's best man, will be carrying our rings.. it will be weird for him to carry it on the pillow! Gosh.. a very adult ring bearer.. Duh!

Gosh.. my daddy cannot stop from crying .. from the hotel.. at the church... during the reception...

My cousin cannot resist herself having a picture taken by Paul... She has been bugging me about this picture for almost two weeks now! When I saw this one... I knew why she kept on bugging me!

My best friend Kenneth... ahem.. excuse me.. Atty. Joey.. hahaha.. with steady hands on the uno stacko game for the bachelors... Just look at the other bachelors.. praying that the stack tumble down...

Atty. Bon Vincent... Is uno stacko as complicated as an election case? LOL! Look at those eyes...

My cousin Bernard was online on Skype the whole reception... Here he is posing for pictures! Hehehehe... He should have worn his tux!

I will have to post more this weekend... More more pictures to come... I still have to get the CDS from Jayson & Jo Anne Arquiza!!! That is equal to more pictures!