Thursday, December 17, 2009

Answered prayer.. this is it!

I have posted on our blog that I won a tiffany ring from Vgem during the W@w Christmas party. I can say that it is an answered prayer since I have been bugging Christian to give me a ring... an engagement type of ring.. Hahahaha... nagging well not nagging but hinting on him to give me one for a long time about it and at the same time praying to God to whisper to Christian that it will really matter for me to have one.

Well God answered my prayer... I picked up the ring at Vgem's shop at Robinson's Galleria and it is beautiful... it is just small for my ring finger. I will go back this Sunday with Christian to have it resize. The gift certificate said that it includes after-sale services like resizing and cleaning for free. I just hope that it will be free. If not, we are willing to pay for it since we got it for no price to pay at all. hehehehe!!!

Nice right!?! Simple yet elegant...

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