Monday, January 25, 2010

Dress of one of my bridesmaid

Saturday before last, Sharleen, my mom and I went to Robinson's Place Manila to look for a prom dress for my youngest sister. We were able to find one at one of the stalls. It was really inexpensive and really nice on her. We agreed that she will wear it both as her prom dress and her bridesmaid's dress. Here it is...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Talk about Bridal fair marathon..

01.23.2010 - Two bridal fairs were on in Manila, one in SM Megamall and the other at the NBC Tent at The Fort. I already lost count of the bridal fairs that I have been to but I went to the one in Megamall to accompany an elementary/high school friend - Ria... excuse me... Dra. Ria Rachelle Almoneda, who is also getting married on June 12, 2010! It has been a long time since we have seen each other and it is really fun to see her and share an exciting moment like this.

I also met up with one
co-w@wie, Kristell at Megamall. We went first to the site since Ria is still at the hospital. The fair is not really that ... hmmm... appetizing as I may say. We were able to see other w@wies - sis Diana Grace and sis Tin with her h2b. There were a few suppliers, specially florists and photobooths that we need. After another one sweep of the place, Kristell said that we should go to the fair at The Fort. Addict as we were to our wedding preparation, I agreed. Ria have to go since she said she has to write a report due on Tuesday and she has her scheduled duty tomorrow. Too bad. I did not leave Megamall, empty handed... I was able to get a quote from a florist and it is way way within our budget. I am really not particular about flowers, I was thinking that it is ok.

Me and Kristell said our goodbyes to sis Diana and Ria and off we go to the NBC tent. We even got lost going to the venue. It has been a long time since I was at the Fort and the NBC tent is usually the first building you see in the area but man, all the newly built condos blocked it. We got there in one piece. The place is packed with suppliers and people... We prepared ourselves for the photobooth and Kristell was able to browse through the gowns. I was able to get some quotes from different florists on the site and we got to try out the photobooths. Reminders to all bride-to-be... before heading to a bridal fair and you are looking for a florist.. write down or print out the number of flowers that you need for your entourage and the type of flowers that you want! It will really come in handy if you want a customized quote of your flower needs!!!! After asking... I was able to make up my mind on a photobooth supplier and I picked Click D'Fun. The rate is good and really fair. I got a 10% discount as well. The print is fast and colorful and the clincher of all, the owner is easy to talk to.

Me & Kristell trying out the photobooth of Click D'Fun.

We never realized that it was getting late and we haven't eaten lunch yet! Hehehehe... So we ate our very late lunch and went home. I told Kristell that I think I will book the florist from Megamall since they gave a very good price or a bargain price for the flowers that I need. She volunteered to go to Megamall for me and reserve the florist! I am so grateful and she informed yesterday, Sunday that everything is good! So for the florist I have JVM Flowershop....

It is really the home stretch now... Only problem now is my hair and make up as well as the suit of Christian but he said that he will just rent one.. so we just need to buy him a green neck tie and a white or black polo. Keeping my fingers cross that everything will be alright!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

looking at the reception venue

Yesterday, my mom, my sister and I went out to have some girls day out. With no sleep at all from my night shift, we headed off to the Robinson's Place in Manila to look around for a prom dress for my sister and I decided to pass by Pope Pius XI Catholic Center to check out the reception venue. So we went after shopping for the prom dress that will double as my sister's cocktail gown for the wedding.. She is the only bridesmaid that I have after my other sister bailed out because she is now assigned in Iloilo and will not be able to come home to Manila until the wedding day.. hehehehe!!!

When we got to Pope Pius, the church was arranged for a wedding. They have nice flowers I must say and it is simple just the way I like it. I am not a flower-kind of girl; so I am not very particular with that one. We went to the office to ask about the reception venue... Yes, I haven't seen the reception venue that they have. It was on the second floor of their main building and I must say that it reminds me of the AVR room in my old high-school. It is a very long room, low ceiling and very dark hallway. My sister commented that the color of the curtain is really not nice. I am not really thrilled about it but I think we have no choice about it. I am keeping an open mind. I have some pictures taken but I left the file in my sister's pc back home.

The reception hall at Pope Pius... I must say that it looks nice in the picture. See the walls, it can be open to have the next room to be part of the area.
The stage that they have... It can be for the band or the couples table!

We also checked out the hotel at the back of the church. The rates are really affordable compared to the other hotels around the area. The rooms are nice and it is really simple. I expected it to be simple since most of their guests are from different religious background. They are also not strict with bringing in food and with the photos. My problem is the room is not big enough to accommodate the crew. My mom keeps on saying that the room is okay. I told her that it is really okay but my problem is the number of people that will be around during the wedding preparations. I told her that the photo-video crew alone will be around 12-15 people since the guys will be bringing their respective crews!!! I cannot picture how can we fit the number of people in there!

This is the entrance to the bedroom. I was told that all the rooms are this size... I am really debating with my mom that the suppliers will not fit here during the preparations... I counted the crew for the photo-video alone will be around 15 already... Sigh!!!

The beds are really comfy looking I must say.

Blurry shot of the lobby... it does look nice...