Thursday, June 25, 2009

Choosing our color motif: Chartreuse and Aqua

Since we are not creative people, we decided to have a color motif instead. I cannot believe that it is hard to choose a wedding color motif. Me and Christian discussed about it a few days ago, I am really leaning to have a brown and blue or cyan. He on the other hand, wanted to have something in the shade of green and blue. Just like the aqua and emerald color combination in the issue of Martha Stewart Weddings Philippines magazine that I have bought a couple of weeks ago. But in all fairness, I am really like the shade of green, especially the chartreuse green!!! I cannot even spell it right. The color is the shade of green on our wedding website. I am loving it... Check it out at

We just now have to decide whether to have it paired with aqua, cranberry red or lilac.... Well, I have to decide it with Christian of course... Thank God for the internet. I was able to look at some inspirations and mood boards to help us decide.

Monday, June 22, 2009

A day in UP

After looking at the church and venue in Tierra Pura, we headed off to UP and maybe look at some venues there. Christian and I were not in the mood anymore to look at venues after a short argument so we just ate at Rodic's and decided to walk around the campus. We just walked around and fooled around with the camera. Throughout my stay in UP, I never had a photo beside the famous UP Oblation, symbol of academic freedom. This was my chance since we have a digicam handy! So here goes the photo ops!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

In search of a church and reception venue

Our Lady of Consolation Parish

After we pencil booked the date of our wedding with the caterer yesterday, we went off to Our Lady of Consolation Parish (OLCP)to check the church as well as the Bulwagang Recoletos for the reception venue. I was able to browsed on the net the night before about the venue and it looks decent for a good wedding reception. In the end, when we got there I felt good about the church and the place is really quiet and it brings out any kind of solemnity one wants. The church is a just right to fit a number of guests, not a small chapel that we wanted but it is definitely smaller than Malate Church.

We went to the parish office to inquire about their wedding rites package and it costs Php 16,000.00 inclusive of everything even the electricity charge. Lucky for us, there was a wedding on the site when we got there. We were able to see the set of the church for a wedding. It looks plain and simple just the way we want it. The flowers are nice as well and it is all pretty. Good thing that the church is well-lit even if the door will be closed because of the tall glass windows on both sides of the church.

After inquiring with the parish church, we went to the next building where the Bulwaganbulwagang recoletosg Recoletos is standing. It looks really ok from the outside and when we got in, they are setting up for a wedding reception. The venue is not bad, but the ceiling is quite low for me but then it is really clean and intimate. We took pictures of the place. Christian said that he gives the place a check on our list if he is going to be asked. He is saying that it is near our place, near to his relatives and friends. The rate of the rental is not bad too.

In the end, we are still looking around... still not decided on where to get married...

You can check other photos in the below.

There was an ongoing wedding when we arrived at the church. This was the set up being prepared by the caterer in one of the halls at the Bulwagang Recoletos. I am not a big fan of the color orange!!!

The outside garden of the Bulwagan is really nice.

I like how the altar looks but not really keen of the purple walls. It looks like purple yam cake.

First food tasting

Last 20 June 2009, me and Christian went to the office of Hizon's Catering in Quezon City for their grand food tasting. It was a good commute to the venue since it is very near to our place. We even took the local tricycle on the way home... that is how near the caterer is to our place.

When we got there, I can say that the staff is really professional. They really want to know what you want for your day. The food is great as well. Everything tasted well-spiced and really good. Christian even struggle to try the lengua estofado which he is really keen of not having during our reception. He said that he will prefer not to have it on our menu even his friends are begging him to have it otherwise. In the end, he just took an itsy bitsy bite and he transferred it to my plate since he knows that I will like it. In the end, we already reserve the caterer for our wedding reception even though we don't have any reception venue yet at hand. The account executive who talked with us said that we can certainly move the date if we want to since everything is not yet finalized until we sign the contract.

What made us book the caterer is the freebies that we can only get during food tasting. We were able to get a dessert bar, a big chocolate fountain, a cocktail bar and also a crepe station. All the 4 are for free. So I paid 500 pesos even though I only have one thousand pesos left, just to pencil book our date and get the freebies. Now we have to look for a good deal reception venue. In the end, I am really happy that we were able to get a caterer this early and part of the deal that we have the price protected from any increase... that was the one that push me to the edge.... hahahaha

Saturday, June 13, 2009

our very first bridal fair

Christian and I attended our very first Bridal Expo today. We were just excited to see too many wedding related stuff. We just walked around and have the feel of it all. I did not look into particular stuff but Christian is really fascinated with the Manila Ocean Park as a wedding reception venue. We inquired about the rental of the venue and it is like Php 60,000!!!! and I was like no-way... but Christian said he wants to have the reception there but I told him if he can produce the money why not.

We also had a chance to talked to one photographer who is really lively and the package that they are offering is not bad. They also have a fairly priced photo booth for rent. I told Christian that the photo booth is actually a request by my cousins, sisters and nieces. I can say it is a pretty popular thing right now since most of the teens now are like mad about cameras and photos. We will definitely have it and it will already serve as our souvenir.

I never knew that bridal fairs will be like that... Too many things to look at the same time.. Too many flyers and brochures to carry! I need to get a technique to go around the next time I will be in a bridal fair.

This is the beginning already... There is no turning back anymore...

why blog?

I really like to write stuff... I miss writing academically since I have been out of school near to a year now... This blog is an excuse for me to write constantly since I want to document the stories behind our journey down the aisle...

I chose to put it also here also because to practice my HTML skills. LOL! I will still keep our wedding website up to have my guests to RSVP for the wedding. This blog will have pictures, stories and gossips. This is a better platform to tell stories rather than in the mywedding site that we have. I will have that as somewhat like an announcement site for my friends and guests.