Saturday, June 13, 2009

our very first bridal fair

Christian and I attended our very first Bridal Expo today. We were just excited to see too many wedding related stuff. We just walked around and have the feel of it all. I did not look into particular stuff but Christian is really fascinated with the Manila Ocean Park as a wedding reception venue. We inquired about the rental of the venue and it is like Php 60,000!!!! and I was like no-way... but Christian said he wants to have the reception there but I told him if he can produce the money why not.

We also had a chance to talked to one photographer who is really lively and the package that they are offering is not bad. They also have a fairly priced photo booth for rent. I told Christian that the photo booth is actually a request by my cousins, sisters and nieces. I can say it is a pretty popular thing right now since most of the teens now are like mad about cameras and photos. We will definitely have it and it will already serve as our souvenir.

I never knew that bridal fairs will be like that... Too many things to look at the same time.. Too many flyers and brochures to carry! I need to get a technique to go around the next time I will be in a bridal fair.

This is the beginning already... There is no turning back anymore...

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