Sunday, June 21, 2009

First food tasting

Last 20 June 2009, me and Christian went to the office of Hizon's Catering in Quezon City for their grand food tasting. It was a good commute to the venue since it is very near to our place. We even took the local tricycle on the way home... that is how near the caterer is to our place.

When we got there, I can say that the staff is really professional. They really want to know what you want for your day. The food is great as well. Everything tasted well-spiced and really good. Christian even struggle to try the lengua estofado which he is really keen of not having during our reception. He said that he will prefer not to have it on our menu even his friends are begging him to have it otherwise. In the end, he just took an itsy bitsy bite and he transferred it to my plate since he knows that I will like it. In the end, we already reserve the caterer for our wedding reception even though we don't have any reception venue yet at hand. The account executive who talked with us said that we can certainly move the date if we want to since everything is not yet finalized until we sign the contract.

What made us book the caterer is the freebies that we can only get during food tasting. We were able to get a dessert bar, a big chocolate fountain, a cocktail bar and also a crepe station. All the 4 are for free. So I paid 500 pesos even though I only have one thousand pesos left, just to pencil book our date and get the freebies. Now we have to look for a good deal reception venue. In the end, I am really happy that we were able to get a caterer this early and part of the deal that we have the price protected from any increase... that was the one that push me to the edge.... hahahaha

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