Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tradition anyone???

As part of any wedding traditions, there are the SOMETHINGS... --- the old --- the new --- the blue --- borrowed Let's start with the old. As I posted before, we will be using my parents' arrae. It is made up of 13 1970's 50 centavo coins. Those were the times that they made the coins very heavy and thick, making our arrae really heavy. My mom have them plated again to get the shiny shimmering look and she even have our names engraved. I really wanted to have the unity coins but since this one is for free... I went with the free one.

Something new... this is a no brainer... new shoes, new dress, new contact lenses for sure, new hubby and new life as Mrs. Quiambao..hahahahaha... lahat naman new eh... so no problems on this one....

Now for the something blue.... I guess my wedding shoes will pass as something blue??!?!? Hehehehe.. It is blue green... But i want to have something really blue.. baby blue.. royal blue... bondi blue... aqua blue... hmmmm ... too many shades of blue to choose from. I am now in the look out for flat shoes and hoping that it will either be blue or green. Think! Think! Think! Or I can have my underwear as blue! LOL!!!!

Borrowed... hmmm.. what shall I borrow? who i can borrow it from??? just keep thinking thinking... I guess i have to borrow my mom's jewelry... an earring perhaps since i don't own any...

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