Friday, February 12, 2010

HMUA - hair and make up artist.... had my trial

02.12.2010 --- Before the shoot, I got myself ready for the make up trial that I have scheduled with Maru Ventura. I found her on and I liked her portfolio so I just have to try how will I look after she dolled me up. The make up trial was at 11:30 AM. Stupid me, I forgot to buy my contact lenses and I wasn't keen on wearing my glasses. So I have to go to the mall and get it! Before 11:30 I arrived at Maru's house. Good thing it is really near the mall and our house as well.

So another booboo I did... I forgot to bring the picture of the make up that I wanted! Bwahahaha... stupid stupid stupid... I will have to say I was not a good w@Wie OC bride yesterday! When she asked me if I brought any pegs that I want... I just told her that I want it to look just natural and plain! Since I am not really used to make up... the whole scenario went by without me noticing that I was done! The hair person also asked me what I want... i just told her something that will have my hair up... I am not really good with the heat.. My hair get all sweaty and wet if it is not held up.... KNowing our location shoot.. I should really have it up.

The make up was really nice... I actually like it. It also doesn't have that heavy feeling on the face. I am just happy with it. The make up also lasted for a long time even though I was sweating all the time during the shoot. The baristas at the coffee bean in Technohub did not recognize me at first.. LOL! Well... I just want to get comments about my make up that i why I am posting this one....

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