Thursday, February 25, 2010

honeymoon destinations?!?!?

Like any other couples planning for their wedding, there is always the continuous problem of budget constraints. We are still planning to take the Coron Adventure with our annual summer group of my UP Solair friends, all of whom are part of our principal sponsors and secondary sponsor, but that has to wait until May. I hope that the trip will push through since it is like a tradition already and 2010 will be our fourth summer to go out!

Well in that set aside until May, we talked about where to go after the wedding. People say that we need to have a honeymoon and I will be joking that there is no need for one since we have been living together for a long time. However, just to give in to traditions we decided to head off to somewhere near Manila.

The options are:

  • Batangas --- I love the beach but Christian is not really a big fan of beaches. He is not that fond of swimming in open waters. LOL! So one option that we have is the Acuatico Beach Resort in Laiya, Batangas.

Infinity pool... very nice view!
  • Subic --- I personally don't like the beach in Subic since the color of the sand is not white or near white but I found this villa online that looks great and I can definitely tell that it is good for relaxation. Second option, Segara Villas.

No beach but very nice pool... really good rooms based from the site.

  • Rizal - Not too far, not to pricey but the place looks luxurious. The Thunderbird Resort in Rizal. It is part of the same chain of hotels that has the lovely Santorini inspired placed in San Fernando, La Union. The good thing about the place, they have a nice and affordable honeymoon package but you have to show your wedding photo to them! LOL! I guess Christian will agree on this one since they have a casino within the premises of the hotel and the good thing also is that they have shuttle service to pick you up in some points -- like Sta. Lucia Mall and SM Taytay. That is really a plus for us since we both don't drive!

the pool is really really inviting!

  • Tagaytay - Of course there is the nice and quiant The Boutique in Tagaytay. The place is so relaxing and the rooms are appropriately name to tickle the mind. They don't have a pool. It is a good place if one wants just to spend their time with their love one.

The rooms at The Boutique are not bad also.

We will still be spending our wedding night at the hotel care of our friend Chris Ceci... She gave us an extra night at the hotel since she said that we need to have a honeymoon. I guess we will just be wasted on that night and snore the night away. We planned to drink along the Adriatico Street in Malate wearing our wedding attire. I dare him to do it and we will be drinking at the street type of drinking hang out since they will have Red Horse that Christian always look for!

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  1. ang astig naman sis kung may drinking session after the wedding ng nakapangkasal pa! picture picture!