Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One of my nice to have... a VeLuZ gown....

I guess most little girls out there have dream of having a glamorous and princess-like wedding gown. I bet most brides-to-be can enumerate the details that they want – from the type of cut, the length of the train, the type of cloth to be used and the littlest detail of embellishment. Some would have been saving up their hard earned cash to get the designers of their dreams!

For me it is a different story… I never dream that I will be walking down the aisle. I do not like gowns when I was a little girl. I actually hate the itchy tulle on the sleeves area…. I guess if you are an 80’s kid, you know what I am talking about!!! I am not really fond of dresses. I really wanted to have a knee-length gown but my mom said that I should give it a try since I will only be married once!

Like any other bride-to-be, I searched all the possible designers to get. One that will fit our budget but going to Divisoria (Manila’s marketplace of all marketplace – you can get anything here!) is not really appealing to me, I lived in Quezon City and the trip to the place is really a hassle. I also asked for some advice from my co-w@w brides. Some names came up but Veluz has taken my interest.

What can I say? Veluz’s gowns are just stunning. The gowns are simply a work of art. The details are very prominent and it can really stand out. I never thought that wedding gowns can this be beautiful. No adjectives can really best describe it. Here are some of the pictures of the gowns that she made.

Photos taken from Ms. Veluz's blog

One of my college friends got married last January and she told me that she has Veluz as her bridal gown supplier and I just jumped off my sit. I told her that I need to see her gown and voila here are the photos.

Joyce has always been a fashionista in college and well she can really carry any type of gown or clothes for that matter. She is just simply breath taking during her wedding.

This designer is so in-demand that her 2010 calendar is already full as of January 2010. That is true folks .. it is just the start of the year yet she is already fully booked already!!! My high school barkada really wanted her to do her gown but sadly they cannot accommodate her already! It was my chance to see her at work but unfortunately it did not turn out that way!

Veluz is one of my nice to have. Only if only we can afford it. I told Christian that when we renew our vows 10 years or even 5 years from our wedding, I will definitely wear a Veluz gown even if it meant for me to go on a hunger strike and lose all this weight and save the money to get her! Aside from the cost, I feel that I am not worth wearing a Veluz. Lahat ng brides nya ay beautiful!!! Hahahaha…..

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  1. Hi there! I'm a w@wie lurker for more than a year now, I got the link to your blog from there. Super relate talaga ako sa post na 'to. I want to be a Veluz bride din pero hindi talaga kaya ng budget. Hay. I can't help but comment tuloy, hihi.

    Anyway, enjoy the remainder of your preps! :D