Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our engagement shoot with Atty. Raymond Fortun.

It was Friday, 12.02.2010, venue: UP Fair Grounds at the Sunken Garden. I have always planned that our engagement shoot should be in UP since it has a special space in my heart. UP will always be my home away from home. Even though Christian is adamant about it because he said that he is not from UP, I still got my way. To boost it all, our shoot falls on the week of the annual UP Fair. There is nothing to say more about the UP Fair but the most significant and most memorable moment that I have duing my university days! Organizing it is not easy!

Before the shoot I had it all fix. Called, text and even left private message to in Facebook people who I know who will still have connections to get into the grounds. I don't want to put my good resources to waste. So special thanks to Justin, my co-Alyansa in the USC, Kuya Gary for contacting his brods in Tau Rho Xi and Sir Erick, the faculty adviser of Tau Rho Xi. Connections really pays of. LOL!

Atty. Raymond Fortun shot these photos. I am really awed by these. I love it. While writing this blog, Christian is still asleep so he hasn't seen it yet but I am sure he will really like it too for the reason that his teeth did not show in any of the photos. Hehehehe... Love you luvs. Atty. Fortun is a genious. He is fun to work with and really cool.

Look at the concave effect.. beautiful!

Block and white photos are classic!

Cosmo and Wanda of the Fairly Odd Parents... we love this cartoon... what is written on the shirt is... Kelan ba magiging lastname mo ang last name ko? In English... When will be your last name be my last name? I know it is cheesy... My shirt just said the date of the wedding!

No tummy here.. hehehehehe

One of my favorite shots!

The Coffee Bean shop at UP Technohub... Sorry w@wies .. cute manager went home early.

Side view profile is the best... no bulging curves.. hehehehe

Our ferris wheel moment.....

I like the infrared shots!

NIce right!?!?

Shadows... I hope I am just a shadow... I dont't look fat at all

There are more pictures to come after we receive the CD of the photos.... Thanks Atty. Fortun for being patient with us. We are really not a picture loving couple.... THis is the most picture that we have.
*** Just a little story... when i paid for the reservation of the services... the bank teller saw the name of Atty. Fortun and asked me... "mabait ba sya? mukhang strict kasi sya sa TV eh" hehehehe


  1. Hello Libz,

    You really have a nice set of pre-nup pics... RF is really great in capturing moments and astig ng idea nyo to have it in the UP Fair grounds.

    Happy Preps!

  2. sis. i love your pics. lalo na ung may shadow. gusto ko din ng gnung shot saka yung IR. hehehe