Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ocular of Pearl Garden HOtel...

Valentine's day... me and Christian never had a date date during Valentines in our close-to-6 years together but yesterday we went to Adriatico, Malate to check out the Pearl Garden Hotel that we were talking about last week. Eventhough we booked Hizon's already we are looking for an alternative venue that will be cost efficient. We found this one. We originally wanted somewhere in Malate since we want to go drinking after the reception. I dared myself to go a bar in my wedding gown!

I have exchanging emails and text messages even phone calls with Arleen, one of their sales people. She is really prompt and not to mention patient in answering all my inquiries. So when we got to the hotel, I immediately went to the front desk and look for her. Christian joked that we should have stayed at the coffee shop at the lobby instead of going to the Starbucks at CCP! We were asked to go to the Sales Office on the 3rd floor. While waiting we browsed through the pictures of the set up and it is not bad. Decent and somewhat formal. Christian was nodding his head while looking at it and kept of saying ok... (pwede!).... Arleen then accompanied us to see the hall on the 10th floor... and it was alright... it was clean, looks like new.. and spacious for our less than 100 guests! Plus the photo booth will fit in as well. Nice!

I then asked the series of questions like the presidential tables, the rooms that they have... one more point that they gained from us is that they have an executive suite.. sadly we cannot see it since they are fully booked since it is Valentine's day! LOL! They can provide a package for the suppliers' meal if it will be for 30 heads... I can also take away some amenities and be deducted on our total package price. Parking stubs will be provided for the guests so they won't have to pay for the parking space. It is going to be a good one. The package that they have is really inexpensive! It is a good deal.

Some of the decorations that they have set up.

Zen feeling to the venue!

The couple's area.. we saw something better from the photo album at their sales office.

Table set up... we need to do something about that table cloth... and the napkins as well.

Really spacious... 12 persons per table.

Hallway leading to the elevator

Me talking to Arlene... Christian just got trigger happy with the camera!

Christian said that the venue is good for him. I told him that we should make the downpayment already and he said that we can do it this week! Sweet! About the taste of their food... no food tasting until 50% of the package is paid for but we tried their restaurant on the 2nd floor... the story on it on my next blog.

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