Sunday, February 14, 2010

pre valentines... pre bday.... karaoke night with UP solair friends

After a tiring day at the bridal fair, I went straight to Trinoma to meet Christian. We will be having dinner with our friends. We changed the venue from Mall of Asia to Timog. We were supposed to be going to Ratsky or Zirkoh but we ended up at Centerstage. It was fun cause the last time that we have been together is during our pre-Christmas buffet at Marriott. We just chatted and sang some songs... ate some food... The service at Centerstage really sucks!!! It is soooo slow! My friends say that we should permanently block Centerstage from our list of places to hang out!

ONe other thing to note... Butch... our friend and one of our principal sponsors offered Christian to have his stag party that night but he begged off since he was still too tired. Poor baby!

Matt belting out tune!

Posing for the camera!

Gerie with Red and their 3 children. She is one of our ninangs!

Chillax! Happy with the booked suppliers from the bridal fair!

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