Saturday, February 13, 2010

this is my last bridal fair ... PROMISE?!? wink wink

Happy hearts day to all! Bright and early I arrived as SM Megamall at 10AM. Why early? There is a bridal fair at the venue and me and my co-w@wies have set up to meet. I also went there to finalize all our suppliers since it is just 60 days before the wedding! 2 months mark! I met up with Ria, my grade school/high school friend, to hang out! Since the sisses were not yet around, I walked around the hall alone.... looking at my cellphone for messages.. wandering around the booths... then I saw on free trial make up booth of Lorie Abraham.. I was really looking for other HMUA options... so I talked to her with what her packages are and the discounts that she offers. The package is also reasonable and she gives out free retouch when you book her during the fair and that is less 3000 pesos already. She offered for a free trial and I said ok! No harm done on that! The make up was good. She put on false eyelashes on me and it made my eyes popped! I like it! I feel like a girl with long lashes! Here are some of the pictures....

It is alright!

With out the flash from the camera, nice brows...hehehehe.. no more unibrow for me!

Sis Kristell met me at Lorie's booth. She was late! LOL! She is already my regular bridal fair companion. After the trial, we went around.. checked out suppliers. I saw our photo/video suppliers and they are really nice. I am just happy that they are so nice... come to think that they will be doing our wedding almost for free.... almost since we have to feed them of course! and we will invite them for drinks after the reception as well!

Of we went to the w@w booth to rest and wait for some other co-w@wies. I met Ria sitting at her coordinator's booth and decided to go to the booth of Sheah Designs to pay our partial payment and set the schedule for the fitting! One down.

Got Ria and walked around. I was looking for cakes and again HMUA. The w@wies told me to get Val Villarin because of the promo that he has for w@w brides. We got hungry ate lunch at Cajun. Treated the girls since it will be my birthday next week!

Me and Ria.. after several years.... both engaged and getting married... She is a doctor now... I am not a lawyer yet! LOL! Paging Cheryl Salazar & Jing Lopez.... hehehehe

Kristell ni Mark & Janice ni Jake... (translation: Kristell of Mark & Janice of Jake) at
w@w we usually tag ourselves with the name of our h2bs (husbands to be).

At the w@w booth with ms. benz and other w@Wies

After lunch, I was determined to get a cake supplier. We went to check out the cakes of Gervy's since they said that her price is reasonable and the cakes taste fantastic! On her booth is the most beautiful, most ideal cake that will represent us. I will have to put that as a surprise for my guests and those who follow my blog... hehehehe.. I want to do justice to the cake since I did not take a good photo of it!

Ria has to go for her driving lessons but we continued with our bridal fair addiction. Got to look at the rates of Val Villarin... haggled for some freebies.. got one additional head on top of the plus 2 he has on the package. Asked for more discount... He took off 500 pesos on the package... voila... a good deal! hehehehe... co-w@wies whispering... take it... take it... hmmmm.... signed the contract! hehehehe

All in all the day was good....booked three suppliers and done with most of our list. just have to meet the emcee next Sunday... on my BDAY!

Sad to say that this is my last bridal fair but that does not mean that I cannot accompany Ria or any other friends who will be getting married! Hehehehehe....

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