Wednesday, March 17, 2010

SM Centerpoint experience.. suits, bodyform & shoes

After getting our invites, I decided to go to SM to check out some stuff that I can give for my entourage and also to buy a cake for my dad. Side story first, the taxi driver we had gave me high blood pressure since he wanted us to take the bridge instead of making a u-turn! WTF... I told him that we took a cab because I don't want to cross the bridge and if I wanted to do that I will be taking a jeepney instead. Grrrrr!!!!

The airconditioning inside SM Centerpoint calmed my nerves. Looking around we checked out some polos for my dad and for Christian, I looked some suits. It is good that they are having a sale. Every brand I checked, the prices gets lower and the one that called my interest is the one with free pants! LOl! I am cheap I know. The ties are on sale as well, so I will be getting them as gifts for our male entourage. We just have to head back there this weekend to buy the stuff.

We also checked ou the slimming bodysuit.... and hmmm.. spanx like and it is cheaper. Good thing about it. They have it on my size! Hehehehee... So I got that one. Php. 949.75 only! Cheap cheap cheap!

see 949.75 pesos... hehehehe

it does work... i tried it when we got home... struggle to put it on!

Next agenda shoes, my mom is in the hunt to find shoes for my sister who is graduating from high school by the end of the month. I took this opportunity to look for flat shoes for our reception and I found TWO options --- one is pure white shoes and the other white sneaker types.... cost - 650 pesos and 499 pesos respectively. The sneakers won since it has green on it and I can use it after the wedding also. hehehehehe... I just love going to the mall with mommy.

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