Sunday, March 28, 2010

saying thank you.... ento gifts & TY tags

Before I talk about the TY cards and ento gifts... I just want to document that I am beginning to trash my mom's place with our wedding stuff! LOL! My house is too small to store all the wedding things that we have, specially my DIYs. I hauled all the remaining things from our house to Manila. I wanted to house all my stuff in my mom's place since it is nearer to our wedding venue. With all my stuff laying around, my mom got this big plastic container to keep all my things but I think I need another big box! Hahahaha...

big big box for my wedding stuff... another plastic container for the souvenirs

junk .. junk... hehehe big box with my guests souvenirs

more stuff.. now I know why my mom is complaining about my junk!

Well... that is my rant for the day... Trying to figure out how to transport all our stuff on th day in an orderly fashion.

Now with our TY tags, I made one using the ever reliable powerpoint. Used the bride and groom emoticons from the invite stickers.. put in some words and voila.. TY tags! I spent almost two hours cutting out 100 pieces of it. While I was at it, I made small cards to write our thanks for our entourage. For the gifts, well... my friend/mom hehehehe.... sent some Bath and Body stuff that I packaged inside Papemelroti boxed lined with gift tissue wrappers! It came out really pretty.

Gift wrap tissue... 2 sheets per pack.. on sale for 3 pesos.. hehehehe.. bargain!

one gift for my entourage.... love love love bath and body!

all ready for distribution.. disregard the trash around it!

the note pad that i have printed out to write our thank you notes for our entourage and sponsors

the TY tags for our guests souvenirs....

more the TY tags... dominated by the emoticons!

One DIY project one... hmmm... just three more left... misalette, centerpieces/luminares & escort cards! Happy Holy Week to me!

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