Thursday, March 4, 2010

got an emcee...

I met up with Teddy of Teodoro Events Solutions and Chi, who is previously part of his team. Teddy, by the way is our On-the-day (OTD) wedding coordinator. He brought Chi to talk about the wedding program since she will be our reception emcee. We went through the program that they usually have during weddings and it was fine with me. Christian opted to stay at home since he doesn't like this part of the wedding preparations.

We talked about the flow of the program. Asked if I want to alter some things on it that I think Christian will not like, including the first couple dance. Yes... my co-w@Wies, I did not win over the battle of to dance or not to dance. I gave up to Christian's wishes not to do it.

I also turned over the suppliers contracts to Teddy for his reference. I included the list of suppliers with their contact number and the number of crews that they will be providing for our wedding. He reminded me of some stuff and of course I took note of it. Lots of things to do... the home stretch is sooo near!

So that is it... we already have an emcee for the ceremony.

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