Saturday, March 6, 2010

DIY project: Escort card... hmmmm...

For the love of lotto... for the love of gambling.. hehehehe... We have incorporated the scratch game to our yahoo messenger motif. Thanks to the wonders of google... I was able to stumble on the ingredients to make the scratch thingy work....

I was shocked to discover that it has dishwashing liquid as a component... Yes.. you read it right. Dishwashing liquid.. joy dishwashing liquid! Isang patak kaya isang katutak! Hehehehe... Together with paint of course. I have planned to do this ahead but I bought the wrong type of paint.. I got water based and it is bad... Stupid me!

Here are the materials that you need:

  • print out of the escort cards - cut accordingly to desired size
  • self adhesive plastic cover
  • acrylic paint - you can buy the metallic one to have the authentic scratch feel
  • diswashing liquid
  • paint brush - best to use smaller one than the one I have here...

For the steps:

  • Cover your cut out escort card with the self adhesive plastic cover. It will be easy if you cut the plastic to fit the surface that you want to paint.

  • Mix the acrylic paint and dishwashing liquid. Use 1 part of dishwashing liquid and 2 parts of paint. For my project, I used 2 spoons fo paint and 1 spoon of dishwashing liquid.

  • Paint the plastic part on the escort card and let it dry. I used two coats of the paint but I let the first coat dried first and then paint another coat over it. This will ensure that the picturebehind the plastic is hidden... Element of surprise will not be revealed.

Here is how it will look like when dried and properly coated...

It is not perfect.. but I like it that way since it will really show that I haven't asked any professional supplier to do it for us.

I cannot contain myself after I have done this project so I tried to scratch the first card I made.... and it works!!! LOL!!!

I am happy on how the project came out... I have done 10 pieces already of the escort cards... 90 more to go.. This project is one that I have to do one at a time! Hehehehe.... I love it... Christian likes it too. One more project in line is our table number cum centerpieces that will match this escort cards. Better wait for it... hehehehe

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