Thursday, March 4, 2010

received our invites layout

I received our invitation layout today from Graphizar. I have eagerly waited for this one since it will truly reflect the wedding theme that we have. I was shaking when I opened the file. I was watching the loading bar ... cannot wait for it to reach 100%. The wait is all worth it. The invites are so perfect. Christian likes it as well since he said that it is not formal. We are not formal people and I guess our invitation really represents us as a couple.

One hassle though, Christian changed his best man the last minute I received it. Grrrrr... But good thing Impress Print, the one doing the printing of the invites, will be able to change it! Whew... So we are off printing them already and hopefully by next week, it will be ready for pick up.

I will not be posting the invites since I wanted it to be a surprise for our guests. For my co-w@w brides.. you can check it out on our site and the webpass is available in our forum.

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