Saturday, March 6, 2010

first fitting.. i am a bride....

I had my first fitting today... Sheah texted me that I can come early since she is already in the office. I was watching the good looking Dwayne "the rock" Johnson's tooth fairy when she texted. I have to set the very handsome "the rock" aside.... Seeing my dress comes first than any other cute hunks on pirated DVD.. I am still thinking of the abs of korean Rain, since I watched Ninja Assasins last night and watching it again as I write this blog entry... yummy yummy LOL!

She scheduled me at 2pm but I arrived at her shop by 1pm. I am not excited at all. I had to go alone since it was only last night that we were able to finalize about the meeting. I don't want to drag my mom and sister all the way to Katipunan from Manila. I have to take my sister's other gown as well for them to take the measurement for her dress. She claims she doesn't have time to take her measurements.

When I got to Sheah's office, I was just happy and giddy. When she took out my dress... hmmm... I was just smiling... I can see that my dress is not a potato sack at all!!! It has a shape... even though it is a big shape... It has curves... Hehehehe. Ate Jackie assisted me in putting on the dress.... From the two weeks I had my measurement, she said that the gown is a little bit loose... lucky me I lost some weight... Gosh! I don't believe it... NOw.. I really have to watch my food intake.. stay away from ice blended coffee from Coffee Bean.. forget about a bottle names coca-cola... huhuhuhu....

When I step in front of the mirror.... wow... I am a bride... I was simply happy. The gown is just fabulous... I was shocked to see the train to be longer... I originally wanted just to have a cocktail gown... gave in to my mom's request to have it longer so I settled for a chapel train but Sheah said that a longer gown will be nicer since the material of my gown is flowy. She is right.. When she asked me if she will cut it shorter.. I said no... The material is so beautiful to be cut. LOL!

I wore my bridal shoes for them to measure the length infront. I am a w@w bride so I am ready. Hehehe.... Here are soome of the pictures I took... I will get more from Sheah's camera.

I don't want to zoom in the camera... I will spare you guys of gigantic arms!

The hem line at the bottom has been adjusted.... I am wearing my wonderful shoes already.

The flowy train.... Love it!

Hmmmm.. to cut or not to cut... NOT!

Sheah and I discussed some things before I took the dress off. We adjusted the cut of the v-neck.... Cutting it to show more skin... LOL! I will have a bare back gown... Yes bare back... I hope I can carry that one... It might look like a blank billboard ready for a tarpulin to be placed on it. Hahahaha.... She told me about how the sleeves will look like and a way for me to carry the long train ..... Honestly I don't want to take my dress off. I want it to be that way... I don't care much about the beadings and the details... the simple dress just looks amazing!

I am simply smiling until now as I write this blog. I just love it!

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