Tuesday, March 23, 2010

xtian's tie & beth's fitting

This morning... at 11 AM I was awaken by the ringing of my mobile phone... Christian passed it to me... Hmm... Bethany calling.. Why is Beth calling me? OMG... I totally forgot about our scheduled meeting with Sheah for her fitting. I was already an hour late... There were 4 text messages on my phone -- 2 from Beth and another 2 from Sylvia, who is also getting hitch on December. She wanted to join us to ask about the materials she wanted on her gown.

So off I went.. brushed my teeth and combed my hair... Got my bag and the invites that I need to mail out plus the handy dandy clearbook of course. I cannot get a freaking cab along Visayas Avenue... I was thinking if it is a payday today... Pinoys seem to have a lot of money today to be taking cabs.. hahahaha... I ended up taking the jeepney! Grrr...

At the Hall of Justice, I waited for Beth & Sylvia. It has been a long time since I last saw Sylvia. I guess it was during my last few days in Beda Law... We are now constant textmates since she is planning her wedding as well... LOL!!!! Hailed a taxi to go to Sheah's office. Beth's gown is ready for her to it... She liked her gown when she got it on.... It complimented her body.... Hiding what needs to be hidden... hehehehe...

giving instructions to ate jackie on how they can fix the sleeves of her gown!

shar's gown....

When I got home... I just fixed some stuff and laid down for a couple of hours since I cannot sleep anymore. Christian and I decided to go out of the house earlier than usual. We were supposed to get the money sent by Ate Catherine but ended up in Trinoma because the usual Western Union outlet that we go to is closed! Christian asked me if we can looked for ties and checked out some shoe stores! Voila.. we were able to get his green tie... He even checked it against a black polo just to be sure.... We had checked out most of the male stores and he said that he will know which tie will be it... Aba.. may IT factor rin!

the this is it tie of christian.. green as it can be!

Only a couple of weeks left before the big day... more and more things to do but i am not stress yet.. i am keeping my cool!

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