Monday, March 1, 2010

cake cake cake... heavenly good

After lunch today, me and Christian headed off to Gervy's Amazing Cakes shop along Visayas avenue. We just had to take a tricycle to the shop since it very close to our house. We had lunch first at the tapsilogan place next to the shop.

Before 1pm we knocked on their door and out came Ms. Gervy. She recognized me from the bridal fair last February when I booked her. It is definitely a plus for me if a supplier recognizes client. She is prepared also since she got a copy of our contract ready. This is a good sign that our cake supplier knows what she is doing. She asked for us to excuse the messy state of the shop because they usually have Mondays as their off days and with the hectic schedule from the weekend, she asked her staff to go home early yesterday.

We made ourselves comfortable and Ms. Gervy started to provide us the details that we can have on our cake by telling stories about the other cakes that she recently made. There was a display of the cake that we will have and Christian was estatic about it. He is simply happy with the cake that we will have because it really symbolizes us as individuals and as a couple. While we were discussing, I am just amazed on how Christian gets into the details of the cake specially with the way that couple topple will look on the cake! I never seen him this excited with the details of our wedding! I am just so happy.

I will not share the details of the design of the cake because we want it to be a surprise for our guests! hehehehe... Ms. Gervy also gave us some freebies to make the cake more personalized with our theme, motif and love story! I cannot wait to see our cake!

With the flavor of the cake and the filling, Ms. Gervy prepared the flavors that we can choose from. There are 4 flavors --- chocolate, cappuccino, lemon and chocolate marble. The filling we need to choose from are vanilla, chocolate and mocha kahlua. There are extra flavors --- the walnut something and carrot cake! I love carrot cakes but it will cost us extra to have it so I said hmmmm.. let Christian decide the flavor since he is really into our cake. We ended up with cappuccino with chocolate and mocha kahlua filling! yum.... yum... yum.... I wanted lemon but Christian did not like it! hehehehe

a spread of cake delight.... yummo!

Ms. Gervy then asked if I have a copy of the contract that she gave me before. Always an OC bride, I handed her the copy of the contract. She updated it with the stuff that we talked and agreed about during our discussion. She also gave another freebie aside from the embellishments that we incorporated on our cake. She will be adding traditional charms on the cake and will give us a free walnut loaf to give one of the single ladies who will pick the lucky charm.... hahahaha! Nice!

All together... I am happy today. Christian cannot stop thinking of how our cake will look. He doesn't care about the flavor or taste but he is just happy with the design and I am thankful that he is.

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