Sunday, March 14, 2010

my mom's and ento's fitting....

We are nearing our 30th day countdown before the big day. On Saturday, 03.13.10 I waited for my mom and entourage at Jollibee Philcoa before heading off to Sheah Design's shop at Katipunan. They will be having gown fittings. I am excited to see them with their gowns on.

We were all laughing on the way to the shop since my counsin, who is one of the secondary sponsors, was making fun of how slow she is driving since I was too heavy... hehehehe.... We got our stuff together and went straight to the office. Sheah was not there yet but Ate Jackie was there to attend to us. She informed me that Sheah is on her way already.

My mom was the first one to fit her gown. I am actually hesitant on what her reactions will be on her gown. She has so many conditions for her gown but I really don't want her to look like any other mother of the brides. I wanted her dress to be special and make her feel beautiful. Good thing the gown looks great... the cloth is fabulous. The cut will definitely be flaterring on her and I love the color. She discussed some matters with Ate Jackie to deal with some stuff that she doesn't like and she was assured that something will be done about it.

Di naman mukhang masaya si mama noh?

Up next was me.... I was asked to fit my gown again. Of course I obliged... I was giddy inside to fit it..... When I saw it... wow ... the beadworks are actually being started... I love it! My cousin was making fun of me again but said that my gown really fits me... Sheah said that she is going to tighten it already for me.... oh no! The diet is going to be serious already. She then asked to have a veil out to see how long it will be.... When they put it the veil... it really hit me hard! When I looked at the mirror... I just said to myself that I am a bride. Sorry no pictures on this one. W@w sisses.. the pictures are on our site... you all know the drill on that one.

My cousin was next to fit her gown... She lost some weight already in a span of two weeks. I just don't have the discipline that she has! I hate it! Thank God she likes her gown also...

Ayaw nya daw magpapicture!

My maid of honor, Rae Ann is next line .... I like the pleats on her bust area specially the way the color alternates! Really really love the color blue! I know blue is supposed to be our accent color but none of my entourage is keen in wearing green and I don't want to force it! I think it is the best.

sexy pala ang likod ni Rae Ann.

Sharleen is the last person to fit her gown.. the most picky sister when it comes to cloths! But her gown fits her well. We were laughing when she said that her arms is not that big!

malaki daw ang braso nyA!

My other secondary sponsor, Bethany, was not able to come since it is her finals day last Saturday but her gown looks really pretty and it will just suit her finely.

Bethany's gown

Almost done with the dresses of our entourage. I just have to wait for Sheah to finish my other bridesmaid and other secondary sponsors gown and we are through. I also settled the remaining 75% of the clothes.... Good luck naubos ang sweldo ko! hahahaha

No more final fitting for me.... my mom does not want me to fit it anymore! So... I REALLY REALLY have to go on a diet!

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