Tuesday, March 23, 2010

realizations... at the 22nd day mark before the big day!

Today is the 22nd day before our wedding.... I have realized a lot of things but I have to share this one in the light of the 11th anniversary of Weddings at Work (w@w for short!). The world wide web is the most powerful tool that one can have his or her hands on.... lol!

We met through the wonders of the Yahoo Messenger. Those were the days when the chat rooms at Yahoo and the MIRC were rampant! Yeah ancient I know. Me and Christian met at one of the chat rooms. We already forgot which one since we don't care anymore about that.. These were the times that EBs (eyeballs) are still cool and a very good way to meet up close and personal the person behind the nick you talk to . I remember our first meeting... It was March 2004... A few days after the interment of my grandfather. We met at Robinson's Galleria at 11:30 AM. I came from my 12:30 PM - 7:30 AM shift.. No sleep at all but I still continued on. We met.. We decided to watch a movie ... "50 First Dates" Wahahahaha... Then we had lunch at Piadina at SM Megamall. I discovered that he does not like any white sauce.. or even mayo! Had coffeee at Seattle's Best... stayed here for hours... up to 6 PM when my Sykes friends picked me up for the party of our account manager. That was years ago... 6 years ago!

hmm.. i miss the beach

Now.. I have w@w... It is not a chat room but an e-group instead. I discovered the group during the start of our wedding preparation middle of last year. At first I don't get the gist of the whole group.. hmmm... after a few weeks I began to reply on the postings and began sharing our own wedding preparations. I then volunteered for the registration of our Christmas party. I became an instant celebrity.... hahahaha.... emails and tons of emails from co-w@w brides. The Christmas Party is the first EB we attended ... I never realized that EB still exists! Hehehehe... a second EB went by ... EBs during bridal fairs... I found new friends.... friends who are also w@w addicts and wedding prep junkies.

The internet brought me and Christian together... It also became the vehicle for us to make our wedding preparations easy and as excited that it can be because of w@w. Gosh.... I cannot wait to transition to n@w... Hahahaha....

The group any bride-to-be should join

W@w during the 2009 Christmas Party

Happy 11th anniversary to w@w....

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