Sunday, March 14, 2010

canonical interview... confession... hmmm...

Me and Christian headed off to Pope Pius XII Catholic Center yesterday for our canonical interview. We got out of the house at around 2pm after ANC announced that Manny Pacquiao won the fight.. We don't want to be stuck on traffic if the Filipino people will start to go out after the match!

When we reached Pope Pius, Bro Vic asked if we filled out the forms for the interview and I said no since on the form it is stated the the priest will be the one filling it out! I just followed instructions and he then said to fill it out! Man! It is a long questionnaire... Christian has to filled out his too!

Then the questions of the requirements... hehehehehe... I told him that we don't have it yet. I am not sure if my mom got my baptismal and confirmation certificates yet but Christian hasn't started to file for his yet with his old parish. He said that he will do it this week.... Keeping my fingers cross on that one!

While waiting for our turn, we went to the canteen to get some coffee.. I still have my hangover from the drinking binge I had with my grade school classmates! Sipping my coffee we watch the Pacquiao-Clottey fight and gawd that is a bad match to watch! Anyways, Bro. Vic called us since it is our turn on the confessions with father. Hmmm... I forgot the flow of confessions... I know that I have to say "forgive me father for i have sinned, my last confession was...." then the thing to do after that I forgot it already. So here we go... hahahahha... Christian followed after me and with just a few minutes we were called for the interview.

I thought the interview will be long and totally a horror but it was not. It was just all talk and kwento. Asking us how we met, how long have we been together, blah blah blah.. Then I discovered something that I did not know at all... The interviewer said that we should not take communion during mass since we are living together! Man... I never heard of that one before. Oh well... it's too late now.. We always take communion every Sunday mass since I learned from school that one should take communion since it is like a feast that one needs to partake.

So the interview does not have enumeration questions of the ten commandments, 7 sacraments and even the beatitudes... It is done to establish if both the parties involved in the upcoming matrimony are not force to get married or their will be any impediments to make the marriage valid. Well.. I am thinking of any marriage requirements that will make my marriage voidable for easy annulment.. hahhahaha.. joke!

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