Wednesday, March 3, 2010

OT: aim after wedding... need to get my thesis going...

Earlier today, me and Christian were talking about my master's degree during our jeepney ride to work. I told him that after the wedding I need to go back to UP and finish my thesis so that I can get my master's degree. I just need 6 units to get my master's and that 6 units is my thesis!!! LOL!

While I was at work and reading the newspaper, I came upon an article titled "How to finish your thesis." Damn... I think this is a sign.... A sign that I should finish my thesis and pursue a better career! Something that I will really like to do --- training, organizational development, employee relations --- anything HR related.

I have already chosen my topic but I will be changing to something timely. I have partially studied and written about it. I have some materials that can help me. I just need to develop a good sounding question to make it work. I am keeping my fingers cross... If I can plan our wedding within the budget that we have set, I bet I can finish my this one and finally earn my degree before the school year 2010-2011 ends!

My UP sablay is waiting for me! hehehehe...

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