Thursday, March 25, 2010

applying for marriage license....

I forgot to blog about this one... Me and Christian applied for our marriage license last 03.19.2010. The day was Friday... Bright and early after my shift I went to NSO first to picked up our birth certificate and certificate of no marriage (CENOMAR). It was a short wait in the NSO since it was still around 7:00 AM. No lines at all... Hehehehe...

After getting the documents, I headed to the Quezon City Hall to meet Christian and file for the application of the marriage license. I got there before 8 AM... The office is still closed... The photocopying booth opened earlier than the offices... Gosh... government offices do suck! I took this chance to photocopy everything so we will not think about it later. I read the print out copy of the message of my co-W@W Gladys of the steps to get the marriage license.

I waited for Christian, who has to go home first to do his business. He got in just in time as the offices open. We went straight to the Local Registry's Office and looked for the window for marriage licenses. The lady behind the counter wrote some info on a piece of paper and instructed us to pay for the fee at the Treasurer's office. The Treasurer's office is where the long lines were. Upon entering the office, it reminded me of why I hate going to government offices... The ladies at the counters just chit chatted away while near to a hundred people waited.
When I got to the counter, it took forever for the lady to write on the receipt... Gosh... talk about old school... No computers at all!!! GRRRRR....

After the payment, we went to the Health Center to get the dreaded pre-marriage counselling certificate ... aka.. family planning seminar. We can already stay away from attending the seminar since we already had our pre-cana seminar from the church. All we have to do is to show a certificate from the church. This is the funny part of all the processes that we have undergone. The lady at the Health Center asked us why the certificate is a plain print out... the print is from a dot matrix printer to make it worse! I told the lady that it is the certificate issued by the church and added that our church is not Manila Cathedral.. it is just a small humble church! It seems that the lady does not trust us at all... She gave us both this scrutinizing look... Christian was actually controlling himself from laughing.. I just kept on smiling. Voila... certificate given.
the pre marriage counselling certificate from the QC health center

Now we go back to the local registry office... had the form notorized.. while waiting for that I noticed the signs in the office... "Birth"... "Death" ... "Marriage"... 3 phases of life that most people go through.. I said most since not all goes through marriage. It is just the simple way of life... We went back to the lady at the booth for the marriage license... and just said to go back on 03.30.10 to get the license and bring 100 pesos... hehehehe..

applied for on 03.19.2010... the next day 03.20.2010 is our 6th anniversary

need to be back on 03.30.2010 and bring 100 pesos...

We were out of there before 9:30... less than an hour and thirty minutes.... Not bad! Well that is one requirement done!

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