Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Food tasting! Sarap... Delicious....

03.29.2010 - My mom and I headed off to Pearl Garden Hotel, our reception venue. We went there for two reasons.. to pay the 50% of the total contract --- huhuhuhu and to have our food tasting! We were there before 10:30 in the morning but our scheduled appointment was at 11:00 AM. Our AE Arleen was shocked... hehehehe... but I told her to take her time since we were really early because I was expecting heavy traffic on the way!

We settled the 50% first and made some adjustments on the contract price since we have to get a late check out for Christian and another night for my family at the hotel. Me and Arleen also discussed some things that we wanted for the set up and a list of concerns that I have. Mommy was shocked to see the list that I am crossing out... hahahaha

After the payment was made, the food tasting started... hmmm.. Food!!!! We started with the cream of corn soup... I forgot that I have my digicam with me at the point so no pictures available. It was good and not too creamy and heavy as what I am expecting it to be. My mom enjoyed it as well.

They brought out the salad --- chunky egg salad... nice nice nice.. i love egg salad... i just wished that they partner it with pan de sal and I am solved! hahahaha

Then all the main courses were placed on our table --- buffalo chicken, pork cutlets ala cream. fish thermidor and potato au gratin. They also included the pasta dish --- lasagna! Hmmm.. everything is good.. the fish is a little bit bland but the sauce of the pork cutlets compliments it... weird i know but i love it.. we were too full to finish it.

Mommy sampling the potato au gratin.. yummy... super creamy and heavy!

The potata au gratin after my mom attacked it!

the pork cutlet ala cream and the chicken in buffalo sauce... the pork cutlet is soo good.. the chicken though is good with beer

lasagna and the fish thermidor --- the lasagna is super yummy... i love the cheesiness of it! hahahaha

the dishes together... sigh... good luck to my diet!

the chunky egg salad... i love egg salad....

All in all ... we love the food... we are satisfied with it...with the price that we paid for this is a true value of our money! I really am happy so far with our choice of changing our reception venue and food supplier!

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