Tuesday, March 23, 2010

music for onsite video....

I have been searching far and wide what will be the music for our onsite video. I am still not sure though if we can choose the song or I will leave it on the hands of Phoeben & Chug.... But if I will have the choice. These songs will the selection that we have to pick on...

Charice's new song Pyramid... I just love this young talented lady. I searched for this song after watching her at The Buzz! I like the tempo and the lyrics of the song... So this might be the one... I will still have to ask Christian about it!

Well, when I talked to Christian about our onsite song... He said that he has his own choice. He wanted this song by Kaskade. I am not sure if the title of this song is correct... But I like it to.... Oh gosh... I just cannot decide which one... You will never know when love is coming your way!

Grrr... I hate it.... both good songs... Can't we have two onsite videos since we have two videographers! LOL!!! I hope our videographers are not reading our blog! Well, I wanted another song too but I will have my sister use that for our AVP.

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