Monday, March 15, 2010

meeting with JVM flowershop... flowers... flowers ... flowers

I can really feel that our wedding is getting near. Today we went to Dangwa (the flower
galore area in Metro Manila) to meet up with Ms. Lanie of JVM Flowershop. We need to finalize some items on our entourages' flowers since I have to add my sister in the count. Good thing that we slept at my mom's place in Sampaloc so the commute will be short.

Ms. Lanie is replies to my text messages quickly and I informed her that we are on our way already to their shop. Their shop is easy to locate and the traffic is not bad at all. She was not yet around when we got there. We looked at the albums of the arrangements that they have. Christian saw the garden aisle runner with calla lilies and he said if we have that on the package from the church and I said no. He then asked if we can have it. Oh well, we are still within budget that we set.

It was a short wait when Ms. Lanie got to the shop. We started talking about the package that was given to me during the time that sis Kristell booked them for us. She said that we need to add another type of flowers on my bridal bouquet since I am on the heavier side.. 12 green cymbidiums will be a little to small. I told her that I am really planning to mix white roses on my bridal bouquet and it will look something like the one below:

my bouquet inspiration since lily of the valley is to darn expensive!

I then said that we need to ask one more bridesmaid bouquet and one buttonnaire. We also discussed about the freebies and I said if we could change the offertory flower to be the bridal car flower instead and she agreed. I told her that I will just add one offertory flower to our package. So the package was raised but it is still within our budget! Yehey...

We asked about the aisle garden flowers that Christian wanted and Ms. Lanie told us that it will be an additional of 250 pesos per meter...with green foliage and white calla lilies.... wow! Christian was nodding his head .. We just need to get the actual measurement of the aisle to finalize it with them... another hooray!

nice nice nice garden aisle flowers... i really like calla lilies

Well, one more meeting closed... more to come before holy week!

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