Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Unveiling of our invites... Yahoo Messenger and Emoticon galore!

Me and my mom picked up our invites from Impress Prints yesterday and started to look at ways to package it. With my left over parchment paper and the free sticker monograms, we made a 2 inch strip to put all tie our invites together. I have told my mom that I don't like any lace or ribbon on my invitations. I don't like the ribbon effect! LOL! So the strip of parchment worked well.
Most of the finished invites before we ran out of parchment paper to make the strip.

Impress Prints copied our monogram to have as sealers.

It turned out great and I have inserted the bridal registry coupon from Trinoma and we no longer have the time to go to Rustan's to finalize our registry there. So Trinoma it is... Most of our relatives already know that we wanted monetary gifts instead of a boxed one so there is no need to put that on our invite anymore and I am really not keen on having printed in our beautiful invitation.

Next I then debated with myself whether to put the wrap sticker on the envelope or simply write the names on the envelope. My mom said that I can just write it since my handwriting is not bad and I am armed with a calligraphy pen. I wrote the names away.... Just an advice if you will be taking this route... better have the list of the guests and how you will address them on the invitations to avoid errors.
I took the calligraphy approach instead of printing the names. We will be using the wrap printout for the invites we need to mail out.

Closer look of the invites with the 2 inches of parchment strip.

Now everything is in order, the problem is how to close the envelope. I have used the monogram sticker for that purpose so with the emoticons bride and groom forwarded to me by co-w@w sister and bridal fair buddy Kristell, I made a powerpoint file with the emoticons, printed it on sticker paper and voila... instant sticker...

A page of emoticon stickers...

Cut it out one by one... I finalized some of our invites at Coffee Bean ... It was freaking hot at home!

nice nice nice.. hehehehe

I cannot believe that I was able to cut it straight.

The bunch of invites ready for distribution

This is the map that I have drafted.. Impress Print printed it for free as long as it is black and white... of course.. I don't need to be choosy anymore.

I distributed the invites already to my relatives in Manila and my officemates... We are scheduled to hand out the ones for Christian's relatives in the next couple of days. I am planning to give out the one for my Beda friends soon and mail out the ones for our other friends. It is all going as planned.

By the way, our invites were our idea but we asked the assistance of Graphizar to do the layout since I am not skilled with Photoshop or any other similar program for it to be print ready.

Total costs of the invites:

Total Costs of Invites
Impress Print (printing) 3780
Graphizar (layout) 500
DIY materials (sticker paper, parchment) 150
Total 4430
Less: Ate Pam's contribution 2000
Total 2430

Smiles of the guests after seeing our invites: PRICELESS.... hehehehe

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