Sunday, March 21, 2010

Xtian's turn... his suit

All our weekends are filled with wedding-related activities. Yesterday is no different. Me, Christian and my mom, dad and sister went to SM Centerpoint to check out the suits me and my mom saw a couple of days ago. I am determined that we are going to get Christian's suit on that day!

Upon entering the mall, we went straight to the area where we found the suits. I let Christian see the suits and the type of material that they were. He kept on asking about the price since he is really not keen in buying an expensive one! However, he keeps on looking and adoring at the 5000 pesos suit at the Onesimus corner. LOL... He then tried on some of the suits that he liked. He settled on the same one as my dad's.

Daddy got his suit too. It has been a long time since my last trip to the mall with daddy. We seldom go to the mall as a family because Daddy easily feels tired and he is unable to walk around much. I am happy though that he was able to choose his suit and the polo shirt that he will be wearing underneath. My mom even got him new underwear and a new belt. Total shopping for Daddy.

The suit of h2b with the suit bag....

Nice right?!

Super sleepy Christian...

The pants is definitely free... bargain bargain bargain...

It comes with the suit bag as well.

For the suits that we got here is the breakdown of it:

Total Costs of Christian's & Daddy's Suits
Chancellor Suit - Xtian 2199.75
Chancellor Suit - Daddy 2199.75
Suit bag FREE
Pants for both FREE
Alteration Costs45.00
Less: Mommy's contribution 1000
Total 4399.50

We are really extremely on a budget for all the aspects of our wedding. Finding these suits is really a blessing. We feel that we are truly bless to get these kinds of deals. Imagine 4400 pesos for 2 suits! Winner!

Btw... Christian cannot help but fit his suit... He fitted it again after we got home today from my mom's place and even wore a black polo underneath just have a feel of it. Well, he looked pretty swanky! I was not able to get a photo since I was doing laundry when he tried it on!

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