Thursday, March 18, 2010

Booking the sounds! Strings! Singer! Yehey!

With less than 30 days to go before the big day, I was able to find musician for our wedding. I really wanted to have a group of musicians to provide a good mood for the wedding ceremony and for the reception as well. My friend from grade school was supposed to play for us during the church ceremony but he will have to leave for overseas 3 days before our big day. When we met last Saturday, he was really sad that he will not be able to play but said that his cousin has a group that does wedding music. He forwarded me the number

I contacted Lito Santos and we talked about their services. I told him that we only need a trio group to provide good music. He provided me the rates and told me that he will be giving me a discount since I am a friend of his cousin. He even joked that he might know me by face because he was the one who always picked up my friend from school. LOL! So we closed the deal and we are set to pay the down payment tomorrow. I asked what is the name of their group and he said Beatitudes Strings.

Simply happy that we will have a live band compared to a CD compilation of songs! Just happy happy happy

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