Friday, March 12, 2010

birth certificate and cenomar application!

Yes! you have read it right... I just filed for an application to get our birth certificate and CENOMAR today. With 33 days to go before the wedding, we are just beginning to complete our requirements now. I know that it is crunch time since some documents will take time to process but I have taken into account part and we will be able to collect the requirements needed a week before the wedding... I guess it is also not advisable to have a church that is not very strict with passing the requirements. I remembered during our pre-cana seminar, the other couple with us just passed their requirements on the day of the seminar and their wedding is the next day!

So after my shift, that ended at past 7AM (that is with OT!), I headed off to NSO. I never realized that it is hard to get a jeepney ride from UP Technohub to East Avenue. Before 7:30 AM, I reached NSO and saw that there weren't too many people as I expected. I proceeded to the area to get the forms and number. Filled out the information needed. I have to call Christian because I don't know the middle name of his dad and mom (bad bad bad fiance!). Good thing that he is home already. I went to the application area after that. To my surprise, I was already number 667 and the cashier area is just serving number up to 300! Good luck!

Before the payment, you have to have your forms checked and man, the lady who checked my forms was really rude and nasty! Your typical government employee! Super thick make up on... red red red lipstick, too much blush and way way way think eyeliner! EMO effect on the eyes but pin up girl lips! just picture that!

While waiting for my turn at the cashier... I just had some pictures taken to let the time pass by. I also eavesdropped on the conversation exchanged by my seat mates. It was just funny. One lady is actually complaining that the guard is very strict and dumb since her number is already called... She asked me if the number on the screen is counted in reverse since her number is 0160... the number on the wall is 0-500... I told her "Ate baliktad po yung papel nyo... 0910 po yan!" Hehehehehe...

When the thingy showed my number, I stood up and lined up at the exact amount only counter! It was just a short wait from there. At the cashier, I just hate the slow typing of the lady at the counter! She was even texting while looking through my forms! I hate that!!!! Well, what can I do. I just hope that she is not checking her farmville or cafe world while typing in our information!!!!

number 667... gosh...

0-300.... almost half to before my turn.... look at manong.. tulog na!

4 forms... the wait is really killing me!

the receipts... we have to go back on the 18th to picked it up...

Well ... that is it... I finished at 8:30 AM... near to an hour wait.. At least it was not as hot as before. The space is really big and they have put up lot of fans now. I paid a total of 670 pesos plus 100 pesos for cab fare going home and 7 pesos from work to NSO. It is rather a big savings compared to having it delivered to our house!

Next step... apply for our marriage license on Friday!

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