Friday, April 2, 2010

12 days to go... balancing act of the guest list and one good news

Today is my last day at work before I head off and take my two weeks of leave for our big day. I am finishing all my deliverables today and also taking some time to finalize our guest list and their respective seat allocations. Me and Christian are very firm that we will not exceed the 100 guests that we have reserved. We will definitely not be sorry if some people will find us inconsiderate if they show up at the reception and not entertain them. It will be a no escort card, no seat policy at our wedding!

As of the moment we still have... 8 slots vacant due to early cancellations by my officemates since our wedding falls on a Thursday, they said that it is hard to take a leave for it. I am currently having problems with squeezing some folks that my dad wanted to be at the wedding. Well, we manage to reserve 5 seats for them and that is the highest that we can go! I know that I had arguments with some of my aunties about this issue but I am putting my feet down on this one!

I am now arranging the seat plan as well... thanks to the handy dandy tool that I got online! It is extremely useful. I am enjoying doing this seat plan thing! I just need to have the RSVP of the other folks who will be coming to the wedding. I only plotted the relatives and the entourage members plus the VIP table!

On with the good news! I received an email from Gen, wifey of Phoeben, our videographer. She was asking for the details of the wedding and was informing me the Phoeben is giving us a free onsite! Yehey... Love it! She further inquired what we want for the background song. I actually previously blogged about that onsite song and trimmed our choices to two songs. I emailed her my response and replied today, saying that Phoeben is ok with our choice! Happiness!!!! I will keep the song a surprise for now... I will not even tell Christian what is it... I will be the only one who will know... Bwahahahaha....

One of our videographers at work... Thanks for the free onsite!

I just cannot wait to see the onsite video!

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