Monday, April 5, 2010

10 days left... crunch time... DIYs galore

Well it is only a couple of days left before the big day, I have all the files ready for printing --- misalette cover, escort card, table numbers/luminaries and the additional thank you cards. I printed the table numbers today care of my cousin Sam. When I got home I started assembling the materials needed for the luminaries....and I have made one already ... w@w sisses the pix are at our site... you all know the wedpass... hehehehehe

Some of the stuff.. my mom attacked to finish it.... She took care of the candles for the offertory and my sister put on the lace on the remaining bottles that I have forgot from last night. They are the reason that I took more than a weeks off from work.... I want to spend some time at home and of course, I know my family will be there to help me out with my DIY projects... My sister will be a very good critic as well... magaling mang okray!

my mom working on the offertory candles... see the white ribbons that she is using.. recycled from my sister's veil from her first communion!

My sister Sharleen.... having her hands on the glue gun!

Sharleen instructing my mom what to do... or is she hiding herself from the camera?

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