Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wanna piece of cake?

Gervy's Amazing Cakes
Address: #9 Visayas Avenue corner Ledesma Court, Quezon City
Telephone no.: 391-1127
Peso power: Php 5000 less 10% for booking during the Wedding Library Bridal fair last February plus Php 800 for delivery

Our wedding cake is from
Gervy's Amazing Cakes. We really don't have any plans on getting another supplier for our cake but when I passed by Ms. Gervy's booth during the Wedding Library Bridal fair last February 13, 2010 I saw the cake that will greatly represent me and Christian. It is a bucket of beer with real bottle of beers in it. This cake is definitely us! It symbolizes what we love doing!!! I just booked it without consulting Christian. I trusted my instinct that he is going to love it to! Good thing when I showed him the photo later that evening, he just loved it! Nothing describes our hobby together but a bucket of beer ... 3 San Mig Strong Ice and 3 Red Horse.

With Christian loving our cake, we went to Ms. Gervy's shop near our house to determine the details of the cake --- I never imagined that it will be hard to pick a flavor for the cake and the filling. We ended up with having mocha for the cake and chocolate & kahlua for our filling. Yummy. We also talked about how the cake will look like with the small details of having emoticons at the base of the cake to continue with our Yahoo Messenger theme!!! Winner!!!

The verdict on the cake during our reception ... it became the center of attention! Our guests loved it, even my cousin who was online the whole reception ceremony loved it! It became a conversation starter for our guests. They just adored the idea of the beer buckets and the bride & groom toppers looked fabulous!

Our wedding cake by Ms. Gervy... Really really simple.. just like we wanted it.. nothing fancy and not too many tier...

The cake upclose... we really really love the emoticons... It tasted good also!

Hmmmm... having a hard time cutting through the chocolate covered cake

The case does tasted soooo good!

The taste of the cake... it is good. I love the chocolate that covered the cake. Ms. Gervy is actually known for having chocolate rather than regular sugar as fondant for the cake. I proudly distributed the cake to our relatives the next day after the wedding and they all love the taste of the cake. My sister actually attacked the emoticon chocolates when the cake was transferred to our room after the reception! Our cake did not just looked good but it tasted great!

It is also easy to deal with Ms. Gervy. I really like working with someone who can recognize their clients when they see them and she is one of them. We had our cake delivered to the venue for her to execute her cake as she envisioned it Ms. Gervy is definitely one of the best cake suppliers .... and we did not go wrong in getting her.

Rating: 5/5

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