Monday, April 12, 2010

doing the final details....

Yesterday I will scheduled my night time to finalize the guest souvenirs by placing the thank you tag on it. THinking about the 100 pieces to do... I felt lazy... I then asked my cousin, Bianca and my niece, Alexis to do it.... My sister Sharleen will be helping out to. I told them that they just have to stick the tags on the plastic of the souvenirs.
When we got home... I placed them inside my old room and placed all the materials there... They were lucky since I placed the double sided tape already on the tags last week. I wanted to do this last since the souvenirs might attract the sweet-loving ants!

Bianca placing the TY tags on the souvenirs....

scattered all over the floor of my old yellow room!

Hmmm.. They work fast!

Smiling for the camera... hehehehe

placing them back in the box given to me by the supplier.. i just placed the gift wrapper to look presentable.

both kids are so tempted to eat the souvenirs!

As a side note, i got my gown last friday but i am really itching on fitting it but due to Filipino superstition I cannot fit it! My mom shouted a loud no last night when I opened the box and pulled the gown out... Sigh!

Just the box ... the gown is inside and it will remain a surprise until the big day!

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