Tuesday, April 20, 2010

suppliers' lunch...our lunch.... tapsilog from Sinangag Express

Sinangag Express
Address: Gomez Building, 708, Pedro Gil cor. L.M. Guerrero St. Manila
Telephone no.: 526.6992/525.4089
Peso power: Php 45.00 per meal ... Php 2250 for 50 pack meals

The suppliers' lunch meal is one of the most dreadful item in our planning phase. I really wanted to serve something that is not fried chicken but will not hurt our wedding budget. I made up my mind on getting Mang Inasal meals since me and Christian both love Mang Inasal. When we went around the area near the hotel, there is no Mang Inasal branch in sight. I tried searching online and the nearest branch is the main office in Pasay. Hmmm.... scratch that idea!

While walking to the hotel, I saw a Binalot store but their price range is still beyond the budget. Me and my mom even searched inside Robinson's Place Manila just to find the best lunch meals we can find. When I was with Sharleen after roaming around the Malate area, I saw the Sinangag Express branch infront of UP Manila. Hmmm... value meals at 45 pesos each.... tapsilog galore! I love tapsilog and I hope my suppliers like it too... they are also open 24 hours so that is a plus. We can order in very early!

Morning of the wedding.... I asked my sister, Andie and my friend, Bethany to go to Sinangag Express to order our lunch. At the store, Bethany told me my sister almost ordered for 80 pieces! Good thing, Beth remembered that I said 50 pieces only! Gosh that will be a lot of tapsilog to go around! One bad thing about the whole experience, they were told that they cannot deliver the 50 pieces!!!! WTF! So Andie and Beth had to go back to the branch and picked up the orders. Well, they did not complain about it! We served water as drinks .... since that is what they bought!

Personally, I haven't got the chance to taste the food but my relatives said that it was good. The suppliers did not complain and they just sat at the lobby of our rooms while the munch on their lunch. We were able to feed every supplier that we have! We were around 35 suppliers and some relatives plus my two female entourage! Only 4 packs were left when everyone was done eating!

Sinangag Express is a good alternative to other value meals... and it cost fairly compared to the other take out... it's just too bad that they don't deliver come to think that the hotel is just two blocks away from their branch! Tsk tsk tsk...

A lot of sinangag (garlic fried rice).... plus sunny side up egg and tapa (fried marinated beef strips)

My niece, Dannielle enjoying her lunch!

Rating: 4/5
no delivery for bulk orders... lame!!!

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