Thursday, April 15, 2010

It is done.. We officially started our history!

04.15.2010 ---> Christian and I officially logged out my friends... I am off the singles market.. hehehe!!! It was a beautiful day... the sun was shining brightly outside, blue skies above us, a clear view of the Manila Bay from my bridal suite! It was raining a couple of days before the wedding and with the rain poured all the sleepless nights, aching pains all over my body. I just stopped thinking about the wedding hence... I was not able to do a couple of things ---- the misalette, seat plan and the remaining escort cards! I was too damn tired... I just dropped everything! Yes my co-w@wies we had glitches BEFORE the wedding. I even forgot to buy my prep outfit.. wahahahahaha... I had my foot spa and manicure on the night before the wedding... Sending the guest list and seat plan at 1 AM of our wedding day but I just let it go!

Christian and I saw each other morning of our wedding.... We did not follow the tradition that the bride and groom must not see each other! We had breakfast together. hehehe.... But after eating... we went to our respective rooms and just wait for the preparations to begin! I took my bath, went online to check my emails, update my blog and chill as my sisters and Bethany went crazy to get me a prep outfit and picked the lunch food of our suppliers.

After changing my outfit, Phoeben Teocson and his wife Gen arrived with their crew. Then my Teddy, our coordinator followed. The video crew took out all their gadget as Teddy and I talked about the final details! So all the mania started, phone ringing, people coming in. Jayson and Joanne Arquiza came in next and then Val Villarin began to set up all the make up gear in place! Sheah and Ate Jackie got there just in time for the photo shoot. I then sat on the make up chair! Hehehehe...

At this time everything just went by fast... Paul and Ayvih... Chug and his wifey got in without me noticing... All I can hear were shutters .... click click click... I can still hear it now as I write this blog. After make up I have to wait as the photo/video teams took pictures of Christian. I just stood next to my gown and lovingly adored it! Sheah did a wonderful job with it! I just love love lov my gown! So with Christian done, I changed to wear the gown. Luckily it stills fit me! Pictures followed.... I actually felt like a star... I have never seen so many cameras in my life!!!!! It was just surreal! They were all taking my picture... hehehe... I then cried when I saw my mom teary eyed.. Yes folks I cried! hehehehehe... Good thing I did not weep! MOre picture taking followed and off to the church...

They were saying that I have a gangster's bridal car... It was a black, yes black, Ford E150! The white car of my friend is banned on the roads due to number coding! AMP! But this one looked great as well! Hmm at the church everybody gathered to start... I just waited in the car.... what did I do while inside? Played with my heavy bridal bouquet... fix my train... jumped up and down inside the heavily tinted car... thinking if we can our honeymoon inside... bumping bumping bumpin grind... hahahahaa! When they starte walking inside and the doors of the church were closed while the car door opened I knew that the time has come! I was standing still at the door of Sta Maria Goretti Church... when the door opened.. I can already see Christian standing infront! My parents just before him! The aisle was short and all the photo video pips were whispering for me to walk slowly! I can hear the band's rendition of Franic M's Labsong! They were able to practice it! I met my parents halfway and the ceremony just continued after... The priest's homily is very appropriate for us .... He said that in every marriage there is always a love story and this love story will be the one that will remind the couple of why they marry. He also mentioned that God has plans for everyone and it is not by chance that you meet someone! Yup, I listened to the sermon even though I was sweating like crazy behind my veil.... I removed my false eyelashes since it got stuck on the veil!

There are so many funny parts of the ceremony.... my sister who is carry the arrhas went awol after priest looked for it... our cord sponsor, Kenneth, does not have an idea how to untangle the cord..... when they placed the cord it was just below my nose as if I am wearing those small oxygen thingy.... I kept on asking Christian to lower his side of the cord! But all this things did not bother me at all... I just let go!

After the ceremony and the mass... we had some photos taken inside and outside the church and Paul asked us if we want to have some photos taken at Baywalk... we agreed.... At Baywalk, everybody was looking at us... We just posed and kept on smiling... Christian is not that fun of people staring at him; I just kept on saying "think of the beautiful pictures that we will have to choose from to be part of our album!" and then he just smiled! We got the hotel by 7 pm and we saw some of my friends from San Beda already and I am really happy at that point! Hehehehe

Val fixed me up and attached the birdcage veil from my mom! We prepared to go in the reception hall where everyone is probably hungry.. hahahaha.. Sorry to the guests for the long wait! We got in and the program began. Prayers... songs... best wishes and laughter during the games filled the air... My sister made an AVP of our bf-gf days and it was shown during dinner. I loved it also... hehehehe... Christian is a little bit upset that his one picture really smiling with his teeth out in the open is shown in the AVP. I told him that I chose the pix. LOL!

The onsite video of Phoeben Teocson is soooo beautiful! I want to watch it again and again and again! I just requested one thing from Bim before I can post it! Sooo to those waiting... you still have to wait for it! Sorry! hehehehe... The program was short and sweet since I know that the guests still have work tomorrow and I wanted to talk more with my friends who took time to be there! Happy happy happy... Of course I want to have my pix taken at the photobooth as well!

With my San Beda girlfriends!

we all tried to squeeze ourselves in the frame but it did not worked... all i can see is the forehead of jeff!

see my other men at the upper left corner! the two best men a bride can have....

Our wedding is really a good day... I cannot say that it is perfect since there are some glitches... Christian loved every detail of it specially the food... He was able to consume all the food served to him even the egg salad with mayo... He does not eat mayo believe me!

Lessons learned from this experience in preparing for a wedding.... take time to research for the best supplier that you can find... make a feel of the this is it factor! go online!!!! join w@w/weddings at work.... give new talents a chance... the most sought suppliers were once new talents... you will never know if your wedding will be the launch of the career of the new talents! Go to bridal fairs... It can be boring since same suppliers are there but you will be to get an idea of the price ranges and what type of wedding you really want. So far this is what I can! More to come in a couple of days!

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