Friday, April 30, 2010

Some of my favorite shots from Paul Vincent

This is it guys!

I got our wedding pictures taken by Paul Vincent today. I just cannot contain myself not to look at it. I even brought our rusty old laptop with me just to view it. I looked at one of the CD before I packed up at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Trinoma.... I just cannot resist it! Well, my itchiness did not disappoint me! I simply love all the pictures in the CD... and we have 4 more to look at when I get home tomorrow! I am soooo happy... happy .... happy! It is really worth to move our wedding date just to get these suppliers! They are the best! These photos are not arranged properly.. since I am too excited to post it!

Enjoy viewing Paul Vincent's work!

Crayola moment again! My IBM Friends will just love this one! I took out most of my crying moments pictures from Paul.. just to save my face from the teasing! hehehehe.. Yes mga badet.. I did not post those!

This is one of my very favorites... Our photo looks like a commercial ad for Ponds! (Kimpaw said that!)

I just cannot remember what part of the ceremony is this one! Christian was really shaking the whole ceremony!

Trying to figure out what to do with the rings... I learned that they were arguing if they are going to place it on the pillow or not... Since Michael, Xtian's best man, will be carrying our rings.. it will be weird for him to carry it on the pillow! Gosh.. a very adult ring bearer.. Duh!

Gosh.. my daddy cannot stop from crying .. from the hotel.. at the church... during the reception...

My cousin cannot resist herself having a picture taken by Paul... She has been bugging me about this picture for almost two weeks now! When I saw this one... I knew why she kept on bugging me!

My best friend Kenneth... ahem.. excuse me.. Atty. Joey.. hahaha.. with steady hands on the uno stacko game for the bachelors... Just look at the other bachelors.. praying that the stack tumble down...

Atty. Bon Vincent... Is uno stacko as complicated as an election case? LOL! Look at those eyes...

My cousin Bernard was online on Skype the whole reception... Here he is posing for pictures! Hehehehe... He should have worn his tux!

I will have to post more this weekend... More more pictures to come... I still have to get the CDS from Jayson & Jo Anne Arquiza!!! That is equal to more pictures!

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