Sunday, May 2, 2010

the team who coordinated...

Teodoro Events Solutions
Telephone no.: 385.7757/0918.921.5397
Email address:

Peso power: Php 16,000 less 50% for GC and Php 500 discount
Php 2,000 for emcee

I originally got another OTD Coodinator for our wedding but due to some feed backs and bad vibes... I decided then to look for an alternative... Luckily I got a certificate for a 50% off for the on-the-day coordination services of Teodoro Events Solutions. I met up with Teddy at UP Technohub before going to work and he is extremely organized.... I like!

During the preparations, I had 2 meetings with him... One is with Chi, the emcee that he recommended and the other is to look at the venue for them to help us out with the layout for the reception. For both meetings, it really went well. He asked for copies of our suppliers' contract so that he will have reference. He prepared a schedule of the activities for the day of the wedding.

On the day of the wedding... I would say that they did very well! They were able to think of something when they raised the problem about the door at Pope Pius. Since I forgot all about that and they really wanted for me to have my grand entrance at the church. The team covered the doors! Also, I asked them to check out the executive suite that I have used for the preps and to transfer all the stuff in the room to my family's room. They did that without any flaws. I handed over all the centerpieces that needs to be placed on the guests' tables, instructed what to do with the luminaries... when we arrived at the venue.. my DIY projects are all arranged perfectly... LOL! Love it! Teddy provided me with a personal assistant, Ate Leonie and she is really patient! My train is so long and she has to carry it everywhere I go!

By the end of the day, Teddy and his team did a great job. His sister was able to upload our onsite video online so we can share it to other family members and friends who were not able to make it to the wedding. They will also be providing a NSO copy of our marriage certificate since one of the team members works for NSO. They even provided 2 bears as token for the pair who will be at the garter game!

I also just learned now that they provided candies and treats for our guests at the church and at the reception venue so they will not go hungry! LOL!!! Too bad most of our guests were really hungry when we got to the hotel!

Teddy at work before the offertory part of the mass

the free bears provided by Teodoro Events ... they were given to the couple who were part of the garter churva...

Chi, the emcee recommended by Teddy... Our guests said that she is very pretty and she did well.

At the photobooth with the team of Teddy!

Rating: 5/5

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