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the team that documented the start of our history

Chug Cadiogan
Address: Unit 1E4 Bright Condo, 60 Sct. Santiago cor. Sct. Rallos, Quezon City
Telephone nos.: 0917.514.1560
Email address:

Jayson & Jo Anne Arquiza
Address: Unit 4i, Tower 1, Dansalan Gardens, M. Vicente St., Brgy. Malamig, Mandaluyong City
Telephone nos: 0917-815.6111 (Jayson)/0917-815.6112 (Jo Anne)/531.1837
Email address:

Paul Vincent
Address: 83-D Aramismis St., Veterans Village, Proj 7, Quezon City
Telephone nos.: 410.5126/0928.500.6912
Email address:

Phoeben Teocson
Address: #9 Manga Road, Brgy. Mariana, New Manila, Quezon City
Telephone nos.: 0927.653.6187/0922.833.9942/0922.TEOCSON (+639228362766)
Email address: /

  • Wedding Coverage by Paul Vincent / Jason Arquiza / Phoeben Teocson / Chug Cadiogan; We will offer our services in form of Photo and Video coverage with onsite video only; all images will be given to the couple in DVD form.
Peso power: Priceless.. got the services from the w@w auction

It is known to most w@wies and the followers of our blog that we originally booked a different photo/video supplier to document our wedding. But due to the wonders of the annual w@w auction, we were able to grab hold of the photo-video package provided by the 2 of the best photographers and 2 of the best videographers in the Philippine wedding industry. Yes folks!!! 2 teams of photographers and 2 teams of videographers!!!!

There will be no contention on how I will be rating them. They are the best of the best. Before the wedding, I was able to meet three of them... Jayson Arquiza, Paul Vincent and Phoeben Teocson during the W@w Christmas party last November. They personally introduced themselves to us and we really find that very humbling. I was actually starstruck to be infront of the greats! Even in our wildest dream, we never realized that we will be having these great talents for our wedding.

During the preparations, it was just funny when I started to ask them of how many will be the members of their team. I needed the head count to prepare for the pack lunches as well as the food to prepare for the reception. Come and behold.. they will be bringing their respective teams! When I added them up it will be around 14-16 people! Yahoo.. Yahoo! Those are the photo-video alone and not counting the other suppliers... Good luck to us. Gen Teocson even joked during one of the bridal fairs that they might ended up as our only guests... LOL!

Come wedding day, Phoeben and Gen Teocson's team was the first to arrive of all our suppliers. I was on panic mode by that time since my OTD coordinator was not there yet, Val's team was not there also. Hmmm... I will I stall this people. They just went through my DIYs and the rings and other wedding stuff.. They just went to work smoothly. Bim really looks serious when he is behind the camera... I am actually scared to come close to him... hehehehe.. but Gen is really friendly and sweet. Their team made the onsite video shown during the reception and everybody loved it... we loved it.. we still watch it ... i just watched it this morning! Nothing can beat that... An onsite video is one item on our nice-to-have list. We cannot actually squeeze it in our budget but Bim & Gen gave it to us as part of the package and we are really really thankful for that!
Chug Cadiogan

Next to arrived is Jayson and Jo Anne Arquiza... Jayson is the life of the party. He kept on making us laugh and instructing me and my family what to do. Christian said that Jayson actually made him smile which is very rare for Christian to do during photo sessions. Jo Anne on the other hand is the silent type. She works quietly. I cannot wait to see the photos from them.

Then Chug Cadiogan came with his team. He said that they were late because of the traffic from Quezon City to Manila.. It took them one and a half hour to get to the hotel from Timog! He swears that the candidates for the elections are really a pain! Hahahaha... Bwisit nga ba Chug? With Chug's work, we still have to see the final video. I am really hoping that we are able to get it in time of the arrival of Christian's sister and uncle in June. I am keeping my fingers cross for that!

Then Paul Vincent arrived with Ayvih. Gosh, these two are just so humble. They just started shooting when they got in. Well.. after bantering with the rest of the group. I cannot believe that they worked together very well. I can still hear the shutters of Paul Vincent clicking in my ear as I write this rating! When I got the dvd of the pictures last Friday, I just cannot stop looking at it. Sigh!!! This is what they call wedding hang over... It is just worth it!

The pictures below are taken by the Ayvih I guess.. hehehehe... It simply documents the team at work. If I remember it right, Ms. Benz of w@w told me that these 4 talents really wanted to work together for wedding.. that is why they provided there services for the w@w auction and they have auctioned it for at least a year or two but no one ever got it until we came along. Lucky us.

I just cannot imagine how we were able to fit all our suppliers in the bridal suite! Too bad the hotel does not have a one-bedroom suite!

Jayson & Jo Ann Arquiza taking a rest...

Paul Vincent & Jayson ... two photographers at work.. Gosh.. I never guessed it right who to look at ..

Chug shooting inside the church grounds....

Bim playing around... I never realized that he was there! Hahahaha...

With the team of photo-video guys... nothing can be compared to this

as they say... there is always a woman behind the success of every man... me with the women behind the
talents ... Jo Anne Arquiza, Gen Teocson, Ayvih delos Reyes and Mai Cadiogan

(we asked Chug to bring along his wifey.. since the rest of the team will have their wifeys with them since they all work together.. lugi naman sya di ba?)

love it!

We feel really blessed to have our photo-video team. No matter what rating I give them.. there is no match to the gift that they have given!

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